Thanks to all of you for your input on what to name our new cats, it helped spur conversation as to what their names should be.

I thought I would share some photos taken by Erin with you all.
(click on an image to open the full-size image in its own window)

Meet Roark
9 months old
Named after a character in one of Erin’s favorite books.
Other names considered — Lovie, Link, as well as others that I can’t remember.

Meet Komodo
6 months old
Named after the Komodo Dragon because she walks like a lizard at times.
Other names considered — Halas, Hacker, Tetra, Zelda, Corey, as well as others that I can’t remember.

Other Pictures
Paw to the face!


Wub my tummy pweez!

Roark and me

So there ya go!


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