Wow… Just… Wow…

Ok, so here’s the story of my graveyardness tonight.

I played at the IU vs Xavier game Saturday at Conseco Fieldhouse. IU won… barely… You can read more about that later, possibly. Depends on how bored I get in the next four hours.

I digress…

After the game, Will and I went to pick Beth up at the airport. It was a good thing her flight was delayed because we were a bit late to get her. We then went to dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery (next time I go I’m definitely getting a half gallon growler of Racoon Red to take home with me). It’s a good thing we decided to come right back to Bloomington. When we returned, I went to her house to help her unload and chill for a bit. Much to my dismay, at about 12:15am, I get a phone call from what my phone still calls Sitechk. It was Emily… I was scheduled to work the graveyard shift, and I totally forgot… I subbed into the shift around Halloween, so I had just flat out forgotten.

Ok, so I get to work, and send an e-mail to Marsha about the misunderstanding (hopefully she will be understanding with me) and start the working. Beth and Heather show up around 3:00am and bring me two Red Bulls give you wings and a cup of M&Ms, the peanutbutter kind. Definitly glad they showed up. the Red Bull gives you wings is getting me through the night.

That brings me up to here…

Morale of the story… Remember to check the next week’s schedule so that you know when you work and when you don’t.

Now it’s 4:30 and I’m pretty much writing to keep myself awake for another hour and a half before I pound down my next Red Bull gives you wings.

The soccer game tomorrow will be interesting. I will be going at it with four hours of sleep or less. It all depends on how quickly I get home from work. I e-mailed Will explaining my situation to him and he said that he hasn’t been feeling too well either. It’s going to be a Crabb Band of sickly grumpy folks… But it’s all worth the $20 🙂

Tonight’s Musical Connection… Eminem to The Beatles in Five Chain Links.

1. Eminem is produced on Interscope Records (a division of A&M Records)by Dr. Dre.
2. Dr. Dre cites George Clinton as a major influence of his.
3. George Clinton’s main influence was Sylvester “Sly Stone” Stewart
4. The Isley Brothers proclaim themselves to be followers of “Sly & the Family Stone”, Sly Stone’s Band.
5. Twist and Shout appearing on the 1962 album of the same name released by The Isley Brothers was performed on Please Please Me (1963) by The Beatles.

Please Please Me was their first album released on May 22, 1963. It was released in a rush sort of fassion after the title track rocketed to #1 on the British charts. This album shows the beginings of musical genius. It was recorded in one day, Twist and Shout being the last track recorded. It was recorded in one take while the late Beatle, John Lennon, struggled to keep his voice until the end of the session. The album is definitely a work of art and is a valuable piece in my music collection.

Hero of the Day – Red Bull gives you wings 🙂 and Beth and Heather for bringing it to me 🙂 Love you girls!

Picture of the day
Purdue beating Duke… Although it’s Purdue, I’m still glad to see Duke fall. I’m not sure who I hate more… Purdue or Duke… What am I saying! Purdue SUCKS, but they can beat Duke any day 🙂

Song of the dayOpen Road Song – Eve 6 off their self titled debut album released in 1998 (yes, 1998. I feel old now…)

Quote of the day
Dr. Stotter: Hey, why don’t you try taking it inside for a change, and see what happens?
Ty: No, no… that’s where babies come from.

peace out yo!

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