Oh how I feel that way sometimes because of school…

So I totally forgot to post yesterday. It was a very hectic day for me. Instead of rolling back the time of a post, I’ll just say I’m a tool and forgot about it.

I do have one gripe. How does GDubbs think he can re-build a country when one third of the first regiment of the first division of the new Iraqi Army has defected? These men are defecting because of death threats, poor quality food and extremely low pay. The GDubbs adminsitration is failing miserably in Iraq, and has been since the “war” ended. the fact of the matter is that the war is still happening. Granted, GDubbs completed his objectives of showing the whole world that the US millitary can crush a nearly-third-world country’s army in a matter of weeks, but he hasn’t and probably never will complete the objective of giving the Iraqis a free democratic society. There are too many political subthemes in that country and GDubbs isn’t doing a good job balancing the old with the new.

In other news. Check this link out! Clinton Googles Self That’s hilarious. I can’t believe that he was so clueless. He was only the most powerful man in the world for eight years and was involved with a highly publicized sex scandal. How can he not know there was a ton of literature about him on the web? I just think it’s funny when he says “I’ve only been to a couple hundred of the sites”.

Anyway, yesterday was a lot of fun. Tuesdays are usually a lot better than Mondays. Chris and I went climbing… well… bouldering. Mojo came down and bouldered around with us for a while. My body is still sore today, I don’t know what is wrong with me. After that, I went to work and that was about it.

Today was ok. I took a nap through Molecular and Genetics, then went to spanish and that was it. Exciting, I know.

Anyway, I’m going to get out of here. Here’s the foot of the blog stuff…

Picture of the Day


HAHA, French President Jacques Chirac says “Not It” to going to war with with Iraq alongside the United States. In doing so, he cheated his country out of a chance to enter into contracts to help rebuild Iraq. Read more about this here from CNN.com.

Song of the DayNow or Never – Three Days Grace

Album of the WeekThree Days Grace – Three Days Grace

Quote of the Day – “Empty promises of liberty do not put food on tables.” – Mojo

5 thoughts on “WOO HOO For WEDNESDAY!

  1. That pic is great.

    But Bush said not it. He wasn’t an American ally in this “war”, so no contracts for you.

    Bush is a contract Nazi!

    But yes, read the story, it’s on my blog too.

  2. I know the story, but the picture fits what I said a lot better than what actually happened. It’s my blog, I can tell whatever story I want 🙂

    I changed it for you John, you happy now?

  3. Lol, Tom, I really don’t care either way. And yes, I laughed at the pic when I first saw it too, and thought the same thing.

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