I am so excited that it is finally Friday! I just got back from climbing with Chris and Rachel. We’ve decided that we’re going to start climbing 5.11 walls regularly. There is a bouldering competition out at Hoosier Heights this weekend, so they were taking down all the routes. I was a little bummed because they took down some of our favorite routes, but I’m excited because it means new routes next week, all over the gym.

I’m off to Butler this evening to hang out with the Brothers of Alpha Beta. I’m excited.

This has been an awesome day. I went to class and then went out to lunch with Mark. The next time we go, I definitely need to spend less money.

There’s nothing really interesting happening besides the weekend. Here’s the end of the blog rundown…

Hero of the Day The lady who speaks spanish in the custodal office of the IMU. She found my laptop!

Quote of the day
“Have you ever eaten your laundry?” – Tony

Song of the dayBombs over Baghdad – Outkast

That’s all I got.



4 thoughts on “WOO HOO FOR FRIDAY!!!

  1. We’ve been climbing 5.10 walls every trip the last couple weeks without much trouble. We’re going to start climbing low 5.11 routes to start working into the 5.11 range. I said we’ll start climbing them regularly, not exclusively. It’ll be a good challenge for us. We’re ready for it.

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