Whitewater Fun!I went whitewater rafting

Whitewater Fun!

I went whitewater rafting this weekend 🙂

For those of you who don’t know, I went whitewater rafting this weekend with Forrest 4B. We went to Appalachian Wild Waters in West Virginia. We rafted the middle and lower Gauley River. It was an awesome time. I didn’t even fall out of the raft once; however, the whole right side of our raft went swimming.

The water on the river was a bone chilling 44 degrees while we were rafting. The air temperature wasn’t too much warmer when we started, but it ended up climbing to the low 60s by the time we finished. The rapids were awesome! We rafted through five Class V rapids and the rest weren’t much easier. There were a few Class IIs at the begining and some Class IIIs later on, but most of the rapids were Class VI and Class V, which was awesome. It is one of the more difficult rivers to raft on the west coast according to their web site.

We were going to go down the New River (under the bridge where the Blazer was bungeed off of in the commercial) but the water was way too high (17 feet above normal). The guide said that we wouldn’t go down it mostly because he wouldn’t send himself and his friends down it. The Gauly River wasn’t any lower though, in fact, it was higher. It was at 20-30 feet aboev normal. It’s difficulty must not change with the water height.

The river rocked, but the facilities were really bad. It made me appreciate all the hard work we do at Ransburg to make the camp clean and working for the next week of campers. The showers weren’t clean, the wetsuits smelled like the river had died in them, the campsite was flanked on one side by a highway and a strip mall with no trees between the tents and the road, the food sucked major ass… They had a pig roast where the pig must have been deprived of any kind of liquid three days before it was slaughtered, the potatoes were soaked in oil…worse than Long John Silver’s (sorry Tony, they suck). The staff…man…what hicks! I don’t mind people who are hickish, but these guys were to the extreme. They were very insensitive of any culture other than Hillbilly. They were saying things that were just down right rude and wouldn’t be accepted anywhere else, if they were accepted there… After our rafts were stored and everything was put away, what did they offer us to drink? Beer…Now, you high school folks who are reading my blog need to realize that on a university sponsored trip, the whole dry campus thing is still in effect. These guys at AWW were serving beers to minors without even inquiring if they were old enough to drink on a university trip! Wow…how nieve can you be? If it weren’t for the river, it would have been a really bad trip.

Matt and I were scheduled to be the drivers and man are we glad we didn’t have to drive. That would have meant that we would have had no sleep before hitting the water (granted the water temp was enough to slap anyone into sobriety) and we would have had no sleep on the drive home either. I was so exhausted from a full eight hours of work on Friday that I was ready for a nap about the time that I would have had to start driving.

Just for your reading pleasure, some of the rapids we went through were called “Pure Screaming Hell”, “Heaven Help Us” and “Canyon Doors”. Those are three of the five Class V rapids we went through. It was awesome.

Enough about that, I’m outta here.

Quote of the day “You shouldn’t pass up a diamond for a piece of sparkling coal.” — Me when talking to Shelley last night 🙂

Mac fund: $314.41 I’ve had to pay bills, so this is staying the same.

peace yo