Where did the summer go?Today

Where did the summer go?

Today begins week nine, the final week of summer camp. I’m not sure I want it to end.

The last couple weeks have gone by as a blur. Things are ending so quickly that I’m not sure I can keep up with them. The C.O.P.E. groups since my last post have been awesome. They’ve been wonderful to work with and have had great attitudes all week. I can’t ask for any more as a C.O.P.E. Director. Robbie has left for the summer 🙁 but he hopes to be back next year. I will be running the climbing tower this week since there isn’t anyone wanting to participate in C.O.P.E. this week. I have three guys signed up and that’s not enough to run a course. Anyway, I’m still looking forward to my last week. This week just ended, we had a troop come all the way to Ransburg from England! They were some of the best campers that we’ve had all week. They were teaching us all sorts of slang and english terms for american things. It was awesome.

In other news, I bought a truck :-D!! Here’s a picture

It’s sweet. Yes, I know you can see my shadow in the picture, but whatever, I don’t care.

I just got back from Indy this morning. I was up there visiting my friend Carly from North Dakota. She came down to see her friend Michelle and wanted to see me too, so I agreed to make the trip up to visit. We went to Gators in Circle Center and then back to Michelle’s place to hang out. Carly, Michelle and Michelle’s boyfriend are going to the Brickyard 400 today. They were able to score four suite tickets. They were going to take me along, but I can’t afford to miss work.

That’s all for now since I need to start heading back to Bton.

What I see out my window…
A bright and sunny day. Hopefully it’s a good omen about what will be happening this week at camp.

Song of the day Steeples – Dispatch

Quote of the day “Alex, he’s just a spooner” – The british kids when they came to use the zipline

Quote of camp so far… “Go flip your Kayak!” – High Adventure Staff 🙂

Peace out yo, take it easy