That may just be the most intelligent thing I have heard come out of the Bush administration. Let’s disect this quote and find it’s true meaning. Keep in mind that I do not agree with the whole thing, but the overall principle is what I agree with. Also, remember that I like to tell you how I see things. If you are offended by something I say, please refer to my apology.

Lets look at the first sentence: Democracies do not breed the anger and the radicalism that drag down whole societies or export violence.

Now, it is not true that Democracies do not breed anger and radicalism, they just are less likely to have such feelings of animocity develop within their borders. The hatred toward a democracy comes from outside. Non-democratic governments rely on fear or military might to keep their citizens under their power. Democracy appeals most to the people living under such rule because of it’s apparent freedoms. These cultures long for someone to listen to their voice. Hate groups like Al Queda fuel this radicalism and in doing so help the non-democratic forms of government thrive.

Democracies do not export violence in the form of terrorism; however, as you can see with the G Dubbs campaign in Iraq, they do export violence in the form of military action. Granted, Saddam Hussein is in custody and no longer in power, a whole other issue I’m not going to touch here, but how did that come to pass? The United States Armed Forces invaded Iraq, killed Iraqis and then found him in a hole. Democracies do export violence, they just do it in their own unique way.

Ok, now on to the second phrase: Terrorists do not find fertile recruiting grounds in societies where young people have the right to guide their own destinies and to choose their own leaders.

Hm… This is mostly true as well. I feel that if you can control your future, you are less likely to distroy the futures of others (unless you study business at Indiana University, then you see it as your God-given right to distroy others’ futures to bennifit yourself). Since choosing yoru own leaders is one of the foundations of democracy; and since choosing your own leaders is crucial to establishing a government where a majority of the people are happy most of the time, allowing people to choose their own leaders will develop a society less likely to be an agressor. Granted, some of the world’s elected leaders are not the best individuals, but that too is a bi-product of democracy.

Overall, the democratic system works pretty well. I’m not saying it’s the only way, but I am agreeing, for the most part, with what Cheney said…one of the few times I’ve agreed with something to come out of this administration.

Have a good day,
later days