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With the events of the week, I have been giving some serious thought to my continued relationship with a few organizations in my life. Some of which I have a new relationship with, others, I have been involved with my entire life, or at least as long back as I can remember. I have come to several conclusions:

  • I was ready to give up, turn and walk away from some. I then realized that the value of belonging to something is in taking ownership of it’s problems and finding a way to resolve them. This goes for all the organizations I have been in. It is much, much easier just to walk away, but staying, and resolving problems builds character, something that is gravely lacking in today’s society.
  • “Best Friend’s Clubs” are not make no friends. I came across this in my scouting career. Making a patrol out of friends will perform well, BUT (a big but too) everyone else in the unit will get frustrated and things will no longer be fun.
  • When people talk bad about something you believe in, and support whole-heartedly, they are talking bad about you, and it should hurt. If it doesn’t hurt, maybe you are not as dedicated to the organization as you once thought.
  • It’s hard to stick up for a cause you believe in and give your support to it’s projects when it is deemed the “uncool” thing to do. I wear scouting shirts all the time. Someone asked me recently “Why do you always wear those shirts?” I thought for a bit then answered, “I truly love this organization. It has given so much to me, and in turn, I am giving back what I can to it. I realize that it is not flawless, but all I can do is Do My Best to give the youth living in our world the best experiences that I can afford them.”
  • Problems are almost never “for the new guys” to figure out. We all like to wash our hands of situations, but in reality, we are the ones who should solve the problems, not brush them off to someone else.

Phew… For those of you who think I am speaking of a specific organization, I’m not, yet I am. I speak about all of the organizations I am a part of as a whole, and individually. Please do not think I am singling one out above the others, because that is not the case at all. A lot of things have happened in my life recently and I have begun to question my role in everything, trying to find my place. I think I’ve found it, I just hope I can act as to fulfill it.

Duck Hunt – Easily one of the coolest things ever! Thanks to Erin!

Time for the obligatory life update…

I guess things are ok. People need to stop FREAKING OUT! CHILL DOWN EVERYONE!

Work is ok. I wish I had time to work more hours, I’m running really short on dough.

I went to Erin’s and Beth’s to have dinner tonight. We cooked breakfast for dinner, it was fabulous. I love breakfast foods, too bad I can’t eat them for every meal of the day. I would probably get tired of them then anyway :-\

In other news, class is going well too. Things are starting to pick up. It’s almost like a snowball rolling down the hill at an incredible rate of speed, just getting faster and faster until it smacks up against the wall that is summer break. I can’t wait until then, that means Camp starts! I’m rangering again as soon as school is out, which I’m definitely looking forward to :).

Anyway, that’s about it, really. I know, I have a boring life, you’re all just jealous. Talk to you all later, peace.

5 thoughts on “What I Believe In

  1. Yay for Duck Hunt!

    Additionally, as far as the regular post goes… I agree wholeheartedly. This would be why I ask you for perspective.

  2. So, I’d like to say that I agree with you, because I do a little bit, but I find it absolutely easy to belong to the Scouts and be proud of it. It’s one of the things I am the most proud of, and I defend it nearly every day that I wake up, but that’s okay with me. I don’t take to heart what they say, so it truly does not affect me. I love my friends, but there’s a point when I have to stop and be like, that isn’t true, and move on. I don’t let it bother me or get me down, because I can’t afford that. It’s just, I guess a mindset I’ve had for the last couple years, and that is A-Okay with me.

    Also, I’m not really understanding this subscribe/unsubscribe things, doll…

    You have a fabulous day:)

  3. I disagree with your third point Tom. It does depend on what you mean by ‘talk bad’… but i don’t think if someone talks bad about something that i believe in… that they are necessarily talking bad about me. I think there is a difference to respecting a person’s views and agreeing with them.

    I’ll stay away from politics as that seems to get me in trouble on your blog… but let’s say that you support the extension of I-69 down to Evansville and i do not. Just because i don’t think that the idea is a good one… doesn’t mean i look down on you as a person because you believe in it. I donno.

    I think i know the way you might mean this statement but i just wanted to throw in my 2 cents.

  4. I see what you’re saying, but the group of people that want I-69 to be extended through Bloomington aren’t a part of an organization. What I’m talking about here is organizations that you belong to that have their own ideals, like Scouting. Someone talking bad about an organization I belong to reflects on me, regardless of the organization. It causes people to develop skewed ideas of what the organization stands for, and that reflects on it’s members. I guess that was a better explanation of what I mean.

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