What an awesome day!Today is

What an awesome day!

Today is beautiful, but tomorrow is going to be better!

It was depressing to me that I had class all day today. I wasn’t able to enjoy the beautiful weather that has been in Bloomington all day. I am, however, extremely happy that I’m a CSS now. This means that I’m getting paid to walk around campus and check on various labs. I’m in the main library right now and everything is well. You can tell when there is a slow day at work because I post in my blog quite a bit.

It’s that time of the semester when classes start meeting outside and I have to do evaluations for the consultants that work on me. This is a good thing because now my english class is meeting outside form now until the end of the semester. Unless the weather is bad, our meeting location has been changed form Woodburn Hall Basement to Showalter Fountain. What a great thing. While I’m talking about my english class, I’ve got yet another english prof story. Today in class, she tries to explain away that she hasn’t been ill the last couple weeks. She says that she was in LA because her grandmother was in the hospital with cancer. Now, granted, it’s really cold of me not to believe this, but It’s kinda hard to once she has told her substitute AI another story, that he passed on to us. He told us that she was so ill that she was in the hospital. This is either a flat out lie, or she was lying to us today. But that’s not my story. Today she is going on a rant that she is consistently “teacher of the year” in the english department. This is a direct quote “I’m usually wonderful, you’ll have to trust me.” Yea, I believe that after everything that has happened with her this semester. anyway, she keeps going on this rant about how things are going on in her life and this that and the other. blah blah blah. Then she says, “You’re not getting 100% of my teaching ability this semester, only about 60%.” WTF?!? To me that’s just unacceptable coming from a professor. But here’s the good part. She then explains to us that since she’s not giving us 100%, we don’t have to give 100%. So I take this to mean that as long as I pull a 60% in the class, I will get an A. This seems reasonable to me, doesn’t it? It’s not like I’m doing bad in the class, I’ve gotten a perfect score on all my assignments but one, that was worth 5% of the grade, and I was too bogged down to do, so I didn’t do it. I should still get an A…if not, a high B.

Anyway, that just made me a little ticked off at her. I like being challenged at school and I need deadlines or I will never complete assignments. That’s why I was a little pissed. I’m over it now. Thought you all would like to know.

Then I found $5…that’s for you John…..now find something to do other than make fun of people 😉 I say that with the most love…hehe

anyway, I’m out. gotta get back to work.

serve it up to spring!

Quote of the day “You’re not getting 100% of my teaching ability this semester, only about 60%.” – Danielle Hartnett, English Professor.

Mac fund – no change $314.41