What a Not So Good Week…

Ok, so here’s the synopsis of my week.

Sunday I wasn’t in the best of moods. Checkin was ok and the day didn’t get much better. The campfire sucked and we’re still hammering out the bugs of the sound system. I start realizing that this summer isn’t going to be what I thought.

Monday was an already horrible day and to tell the truth, after Sunday, I wasn’t looking forward to it. That evening, in a two hour conversation, Erin told me that she thinks that we shouldn’t date this summer because it wouldn’t be fair to me. We talked for a long time about it and we both reailzed that was right. So now we’re single. There will be more details in the LJ probably after this evening when I get a chance to write in it.

Tuesday was horrible because I didn’t sleep Monday night. It rained in the morning and in the afternoon so EVERYTHING was wet. I HATE the Ransburg Damp. I spent some of Tuesday night in the Health Lodge chillin’ and helping them out where I could.

Wednesday was the shortest day of the week because I was looking forward to getting away from camp. John and I chilled around town just running errands and eating dinner. That night, I talked to Jess about “the breakup” and started feeling better about things.

Thrsday was the first “nice” day of the week and started out that it wasn’t going to be too bad. I say “nice” because it rained around 4:45pm, so the evening was full of more damp… There were some things that happened that won’t be talked about here that made me start not wanting to deal with people anymore. I wanted to become a hermit. Then I talked to Erin for about an hour and a half just about life in general. It was good and put me in a much better mood. I really do miss her a lot and can’t wait until she comes down to visit.

That brings us to Friday… Hopefully things will be good today and I won’t have to worry about stupid people.

The-End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayCamping (I think that’s the title) – Crash Test Dummies

Darwin Award of the Week Beginning June 13, 2004
Again this one goes to me. I ran the Mule 550 out of gas last night in a creek while transporting some equipment from the Pole Climbing back to COPE and the Tower. Yea, that was special.

Current MoodA bit depressed but that will go away with some time. Hopefully things will start looking a lot better.

That’s all…
Until the next post, which will be soon now that I have a computer online at camp 🙂

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  1. YEAH internet access 🙂

    I love you hon, and this sadly, isn’t from the next room over.

    teh geek.

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