Wednesday….ugh…. This week seems like


This week seems like it is going on forever…it was Monday…THREE WEEKS AGO!

Tuesday was long, but good. I didn’t wake up till 11:00 (yea for classes that don’t start till 1). I went to the Depto at noon to meet Dave to sign his paddle and while Dave and I are talking about going somewhere to eat lunch (dave’s treat — gotta love mealpoints) Angela shows up. So we all went to McDonalds, that was the start of my day.

Speech class went well. I didn’t do any of the reading, but it was easy enough material that I was able to fake my way through class. yea fun.

Hundred was freezing. that’s all I have to say about that.

Beatles class. I have a little ranting to do here. The class itself went really well and was great as always. I did notice that the talking and rustling of papers is getting a little out of hand, but that’s normal, I guess. It’s a class of 300, there’s going to be noise. But what really pissed me off was the guy sitting next to me. He seemed to think that since he is overweight, he had every right to take up two chairs of space. He had his arms all over my arm rests. His legs were so fat that they took up half my leg room too. God, I just wanted to take the aspirator at the funeral home and suck out half of his being so I could sit comfortably. I swear, if he sits next to me again, I’m going to have to kill him….not really, just saying that….

That’s about it. interesting day, I know. I’m sure none of you care, but I’m still going to post anyway.

Quote of the day “A solitary squirrel terrorized an entire town in England before being shot by the grandfather of one of its victims.” –Joe Grace “I’ll Never Trust Squirrels Again” – an article in the Indiana Daily Student (IDS)