Wednesday…..hump day…yea… The concert last

Wednesday…..hump day…yea…

The concert last night was freakin awesome!! He played Highway 61, A couple of his new songs, some Stones covers and closed with my personal favorite, “Knocking on Heaven’s Door.” Awesome show. The Egyptian room is now one of my favorite places to go watch a concert. Craig and I ate at Elbow Room before the show. The food was great, atmosphere was even better. Again, one of my new favorite places to eat. Of course, it’s in Indianapolis, but whatever.

Woke up this morning…(sounds like some Adam Sandler song) to finish a paper I was writing on the genome and the implications of the research, but while I was in the shower, I came up with a better idea. I decided to write about privacy and how in the twenty-first century with all the technology and crap, we’re still able to keep our privacy. The paper is for Pooh’s class and my AI who can’t read or write or speak english will be the one grading it. It amazed me that I was able to come up with new sourses and write 1000 words in one morning. go me.

Speech class was fun yesterday. We’re giving ceremonial speeches, so it’s all good. Josh brought in sparkling grape juice for all of us to drink when he made his toast. Twinkie for Josh (I’ll bring it when I buy some Twinkies). I give my speech on Thursday…it’s a eulogy about some made up friend of mine.

I’m kinda sad I missed band yesterday, but oh well. I heard they had an indoor rehersal with new music. whatever, it can’t be too hard.

Quote of today…”I apologize for his…um….stupid retardedness…” — Boy at the drive up window at the McDonalds in Martinsville