Wednesday… Long day…

Hey y’all. Today is shaping up to be a really long day. Here’s what I’ve done so far…

I woke up, went to my Molecular and Genetics classes, came home and took a shower. After the shower, I played some NCAA March Madness 2004… that game is addicting. I then decided to not go to spanish class – so much for goal number one for December… oh well though, no worries. The rest of my day was spent studying. I know, that’s amazing, I was actually studying all day. Except for the hour that Beth and I went to Steak n Shake for some ice cream.

Since this is such a short post, I’m going to catch y’all up on what’s been happening in Bloomington and, most importantly, IU. There is a link at the end of my post that will take you to a page in which I discuss the latest news. Take a look and let me know what you think about it all.

Hero of the day Dr. Stotter for having the old and new exec councils at his house last night for dinner and a meeting.

Quote of the day
“He could get any woman to marry him, just for his decorating skills. He’s just got to get one in there!” – Pam after seeing Dr. Stotter’s house

Song of the dayThis is the New S$*# – Marlyn Manson

Check out the link below to go to the news archive…


Jerry Yeagley has been named the most winning college soccer coach of all time. It’s too sad that it was an error in the books that made this known. Nobody at his last home game ever knew that he was the most winning coach. If we all did know this, we would have had a celebration for him.

This guy really knows what it takes to support a losing team all the time. This is a task of the Marching Hundred every year. Perhaps we are the best playing and marching band in the country, but nobody knows about us because we do not support a winning football team. It takes a lot of character to cheer on the underdog week in and week out. It looks like this is what’s going to happen to the basketball team too…

Spam has become a huge issue here at Indiana University Bloomington. UITS has allocated $300,000 to fight spam hardcore. A lot of students do not understand what kind of problems spam causes, as you all can see here. I’m glad someone is finally stepping up the fight to end unsolicited e-mail.

Beating on Police has got to stop! It’s not only making national news headlines, but it is also making the local ones too. This is an article about the possible closing of a tailgating lot at IU that has gotten out of control. A police officer was hit in the head with a beer bottle after the IU vs. Purdue game a couple weeks ago. This stuff has got to end people. These officers are out only to serve and protect, give them a break. You are paying their salaries to do their jobs, let them do it. Sometime you too will be in trouble with an officer, don’t resist, things will only get worse for you.

Miller Showers Park… For Tony Miller Showers Park is finally nearing completion… check it out Tony!

President’s Salaries increasing… Why are university presidents getting paid more? Tuition increases because states are cutting funding and yet University Presidents are getting paid more and more. This is rediculas. Maybe instead of raising tuition so much, cut a portion out of the president’s salary and use that for bettering education. They dont’ need pay increases, that’s superflous. What they do need is increased public support. More funding from the private sector to do their jobs right!

And finally Bloomingotn High School North is finally getting some recognition from the university paper. They have done so much in the past few years and the university has hardly recognized them. I say congratulations friends. Keep up the good work.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday… Long day…

  1. hey tom, this is a little of the subject of you post. but do you know how to set up a slack line?

  2. UGH! This is why i don’t like the IDS sometimes. With respect to that article about BHSN’s band… no disrespect to them… as i enjoy a lot of Indiana bands including them… but the Rose Bowl is not very selective to bands who want to come.

    Basically, if you can raise the money you can go. First… you have to be of a certain accomplishment… which obviously BHSN and almost all Indiana bands are… but once they clarify that they throw you on a waiting list. When your name comes up they invite you… and either you can get the cash or not.

    At Homestead we waited probably 5 years on the waitlist before being invited and when the band went… i had already graduated. Stupid Rose Parade… they burn me!! =o)

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