UPDATE: North Central District Convention

After driving four hours, taking one nap, stopping at one Wendy’s and following two sets of directions, we arrived at the Holiday Inn in Worthington Ohio.

Convention has been ok so far, nothing too interesting has happened. At the begining of the opening session, the OSU brothers and sisters, in a pep band type of ensemble, played every school in the NCD’s fight song. It was pretty cool. They played the best rendition of Indiana, Our Indiana that I’ve heard coming from another school.

As was required, we sang the real lyrics to Purdue’s fight song. When the band played the OSU fight song, the brothers from Michigan sang “I HATE OHIO STATE” toward the end, it was hilarious! Kudos to the Michigan brothers.

We (this we is Will, Erin, Michael, Holly, Andrea and me) ate at the California Pizza Kitchen because it has some of the most awesome pizza EVER! Came back to the hotel and passed out.

That’s about it, so here it is…

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayI HATE OHIO STATE – It’s been stuck in my head the whole time I’ve been here.

Hero of the Day – Marco for giving the Quote of the Day

Dumbass of the Day

^^ This guy ^^

Quote of the Day – “At least they’re spelling it right” – Marco after hearing the sisters in the room over yell “O – H – I – O”

Current Mood – Energetic

2 thoughts on “UPDATE: North Central District Convention

  1. you know, if i had enough money, enough nerve, enough lack of common sense, and mean i would drive my car into that guys car. but since i’m not mean, i wouldn’t do it. plus i couldn’t get there.

  2. Yeah… and by the time we walked out of the restaurant, he was gone.

    Or else we probably would have made fun of him some more.

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