Unsung Heroes

Today when I was leaveing Reed after the weekly meeting of THE lunch bunch, there were a couple of people I recognized handing out fortune cookies, magnets and bookmark sized pieces of paper.

At first I thought “Why are these folks out here giving things away to the students? I’m sure they have something better to do.” Then I actually read the handouts and magnets that they were passing out.

These two gentlemen were part of the building services team in charge of Reed. They were handing out “Thank Yous” to the students who walked by, showing their appreciation for the students allowing them to be employed. They were representing the Auxiliary Services and Programs of IU.

The ASAP is responsible for many of the services that students take for granted, i.e. RPS, Campus Busses, the IU Bookstore, Campus TV, etc. These individuals work hard to make sure the campus experience is the best it can be for the students. Many of them are working with ASAP as a retirement job or as a part time job. Very rarely do they get a “Thank You” or “Good Job” from the students they dedicate their time to serve.

That’s all I’ve got to say, just found it a bit backward that they were thanking the students when the students should be the ones thanking them…