UNBELIEVABLE You need to read


You need to read the whole thing if you start reading.

(names are changed to protect the innocent)

So I walk into english class today and take my normal seat (back left corner). I’m listening to some music and my instructor walks in, so I take off my headphones and put away my MP3 player and get ready for class to start. She starts class out by sitting on her desk and saying “Josh, close that door back there, I don’t want any other classes hearing this. This is serious. I’m tired. I’m on campus for 14 hours every day and I need a break. I have a proposal. Here it goes. You all give me $100 each and we won’t meet for class anymore. No more assignments, no more class meetings. I will garuntee you that 90% of you will get As and the other 10% will bet Bs. The only thing is that you all have to agree to this. So are you in or out?”. *dead silence* “So are you in or out?” *more deafening silence* “I can’t believe you guys can’t make a decision. I’m offering you an A or B in this course for $100 and you don’t even have to show up. How valuable is your time?” Mike asks “Why are you doing this?” “Because I’m tired. This will save me the time of grading your papers, preparing class, walking across campus to teach class.” *more silence* “Is the price too high? Let’s see…there are 25 of you, that’s $2500…maybe I can cut it down to $75 a piece, would you do it then?” Chris asks “Is there some compromise we could work out? Like maybe coming to class once a week and group grading. Maybe you could just e-mail us all the assignments and we could e-mail them to you to grade them when we get them finished. I don’t see any sense in us paying you for something that benefits us both.” “Well, I just don’t want to do anything with this class anymore.” *more silence* Justin asks “How can you do this? Even if we all say we’re going to agree with you, there’s always a mole.” “This is why we all have to do it or we all don’t do it. If there’s one dissention, deal is off.” *at this point, Ryan gets up and starts to leave the class*

To Be Continued…..