Um… This is the derailment of my train of thought…

Ok, so I had something interesting and fun to talk about. I had been thinking about it all day, but nooooo, I have forgotten between the time I was last sitting at a computer and now.

Oh well, whatever.

I think someone has stolen my debit card number and is using it online. I have not used my checking account in more than a week, yet my balance is still dropping. I am going to take a trip to the bank tomorrow and have the card frozen. Then I get to begin the lovely task of finding out what’s going on with my money.

In other news, I’m walking around work today and these three skater punks (no offense to Johrdan, cause he’s a cool skater) are walking the other direction. They apparently wanted to start something cause they were saying “Who ya talkin to?” “You got a walkie talkie.” etc. I wanted to punch them in the face. I should have just whipped out the ol’ Benchmade and done some damage.

Oh! I remember what it was. So we had this staff meeting this morning for UITS/STC Support Staff. I’m sitting there, meeting goes until 9:35, no big deal. I was debating skipping my I308 class because I was going to be late. It’s a good thing that I went because there was an exam today. Nothing to worry about, it was over database design. It took me a good 20 minutes to complete the thing. What an easy exam.

Well, since the shift is almost over, I’m going to head out. But before I go…

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayDiamonds on the Inside – Ben Harper

Hero of the Day – Matt and Andy for making my shift fun toward the end.

Quote of the Day “IU is no longer rated in our top annual party schools list because we feel that it is unfair to include professionals in a list of amateurs” –Playboy

Current Mood – Happy, just happy 🙂

Until the next post…
later days

2 thoughts on “Um… This is the derailment of my train of thought…

  1. That IU comment is amazing…is it actualy real? Where did you get it? TELL ME, PLEASE!!!

  2. I got the quote out of one of my friend’s profiles. I would assume that it actually came from Playboy since he has a subscription.

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