Turning a “New Leaf”

No longer am I going to just tell you about how my day was, I am going to find something to rant about during my day. It may be something as small as a professor not being in class on time, or something as large as G Dubbs announcing that we are going to invade Canada (I wouldn’t be suprised at all if this happened). The Link Below will be used for the update into my daily life, if you are still interested.

To kick this whole thing off, I want to talk about an interview (if you could call it that) I saw on the Today Show this morning.

They had as a guest Sean O’Keefe, the Administrator of the NASA. Matt Lauer was asking him questions like “What do you say to the people who think that this money should be spent on problems here on earth?” and “What is the estimated budget for a new station on the moon?” To each question Matt asked Sean, Sean replied “Again, the spirit is one of exploration.” I simply did not accept that as an answer. How can ‘exploration’ fund a mission? How does ‘exploration’ solve the problems of health care, national debt, unemployed workers, homeless, hungry people living on the streets of our largest cities? IT DOESN’T! It doesn’t matter how you phrase it, exploration DOES NOT solve the problems this country faces each and every day.

This Sean O’Keefe guy is quite a character. He doesn’t seem to realize that space exploration is not as awe inspiring as it once was. Matt pointed to some statistics: 48% of Americans want to see us go to the moon, 48% of Americans would rather the money be spent on a problem that matters. Very curious… and there are 4% of Americans who don’t care? Is that what you’re trying to tell me? Anyway, that’s not the point. I’m guessing you already know what Sean’s response to the statistics was… Yep! You guessed it! “Again, Matt, the focus here is on exploration. Exploration for the sake of exploration.”

Give me a break man… you’re the Administrator of one of, if not, the most prestigious space exploration programs in the world. You’re telling me you don’t know how much it will cost to put a station on the moon or what technologies you will use to get there? I mean, when we went to the moon under the Kennedy administration, JFK doubled the NASA budget for the first year, and again doubled it the second year. President Bush is just giving you a one billion dollar increase OVER FIVE YEARS!!!! That hardly seems to me like enough cash to develop, produce and execute a new space exploration concept with the power and consistency of the Saturn V rockets.

BTW: I realize that he also calls Congress to shift $11 billion from other programs to manned flight. Keep in mind that you will be cutting other crucial programs like Earth Science, Aeronautics, Space Science, Biological and Physical Research, etc. To me, cutting these programs is unacceptable. We learn so much from them each expirement, they are invaluable tu us as a society.

I say again, what I’ve been saying all along. Use that one billion dollars over five years to start paying down the national debt. Yes, I understand we live in a debt driven economy (I’ll talk about that more later), but it’s getting a little out of hand. OR how about using that money to put food in the hands of starving Americans, or maybe work on the national health care system, we all know it’s the worst thing to ever be designed in this country, or maybe you can find the unemployed Americans jobs and then send all the illegal imigrants back to whence they came!

Ok, I’m done with that. Enjoy commenting on this one. Remember to click on The Link Below to read about my day, if you feel so inclined. In other important news (that I want to let everyone know), I’m heading up to Detroit this weekend, and probably up into Canada even. Sounds like fun, eh?


With this new format for my blog, you will find that I go into more depth with my daily musings. If it’s your thing, enjoy, if not, don’t complain that my blogs are boring.

Check out this article: My So Called Blog.. You have to have a New York Times membership to read it, but the membership is free, and you should have one anyway.

I thought it was a very accurate, in-depth look into blog-culture, or what some like to tall it, the new tech-culture. I found it quite interesting because an online journal on a site called opendiary.com got a few of us in trouble during high school.

In other daily happenings, yesterday’s classes were quite interesting. For the second day out of two, one of my professors got a phone call in class (Info Representation), and one of my professors had problems with the technology in the classroom (Java). Now, both of my profs who had problems with the technology are PhDs in Computer Science. A little bizarre that they would be having problems with technology. It goes to show that most of the people working in the IT field with PhDs were the people knowing nothing about computers when they started their college education.

Today brings the semesterly return of “The Lunch Bunch”. For the fourth semester in a row, the time of 12:20 has worked for the meeting. It’s quite bizarre that neither Nathan or I design our schedules around each other, it just happens to fall at those times on Wednesday that we are both free.

Anyway, that’s about it, I have HCI later today, and then I’m meeting with Emma to work on some web stuff later this afternoon.

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  1. ahh yes…and while you’re at it, o’keefe…you can go drilling in my ass…for exploration’s sake of course…

  2. dude, maybe they could give nasa like $5 to go out back in some run down studio and video tape a movie about them putting a station on mars. the cheapo moon landing one seemed to appease america rather well.

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