“…Tuesday’s gray…” First for all

“…Tuesday’s gray…”

First for all of you music buffs, what artist and song is that line from?

Monday was good. I got so much more sleep than normal monday night that I was full of life, if you will. I was bouncing off the walls in hundred and then later at the Psi meeting. The only class I went to today was for The German because we had a quiz and homework was due….just like every Monday. I skipped 101 and Whinnie the Pooh because I need to finish a paper and write another one. Finishing one for Pooh and writing one for Public speaking.

I had an appointment for public speaking yesterday. My AI and I went through my ceremonial speech. I did a eulogy delivered for a fictious friend named marcus. I got straight SAs (Strongly Agree) on my evaluation and a perfect 60 of 60. I guess 4 years of working in a funeral home paid off….:) Go Me. I’m a eulogy deliverin fool! even for fake people that have never and will never exist(ed).

wow that sentence was on it’s way down the toilet….good thing I stopped it when I did.

Here’s Tom’s funny story of the night. Everybody go get some popcorn and coke and meet me back here in 5 minutes….

5 minutes later…

alright, so I’m working in Lindley Hall. For those of you who don’t know, Lindley is the HUB (the center of activity). There are two labs full of Windows machines and one lab of Macs. along with the Input Output center where the consultants sit. well, Mike (a consultant) comes back into the I/O and says “Go look in the Mac lab….” so we’re all thinking, “ok, it’s either full or completely empty. I walk in there and look around the corner and see this guy sitting at his mac. Now, it’s not ust a normal guy. He’s sitting at his computer station with his jacket up over his head, and up and over the computer monitor. Aparently he’s hiding something that’s on his screen. He’s probably got his own crackedout orgy going on under that coat with his friends, porn star 1 and porn star 2 and their co-stars – Rosy Palm and her 5 sisters….hahahaha, I crack myself up…

Today at Hundred rehersal….

Another amusing story. If any of you know Smedley, the Trumpet AI, you will find this especially entertaining.
Smedley, at rehersal, pulls out his comb and starts to comb his hair. All the guys notice right away that the comb is bright pink, so we start heckling him about it. I finally shout out, “Hey Smeds, where’s your Barbie comb?” and he replies in a quite lispy voice, “Stop making fun of me guys.” Freakin hilarious. at the end of rehersal, my wonderful son, Chris, raises his hand during the announcements section and says “Smedley has a pink comb,” to which Colonel replies “and on that note, we’ll leave.” fun times.

Anyway, that’s about all the interesting things I’ve encountered today. Pretty boring day, I know.

Quote of the day…”Terrible…F” –Ask me about my funny e-mail…