Tuesday is definitely gray.

I miss Lindz. She needs to come back to IU.

What a nasty day. Rainy, gray, nasty. Blah. I went to the doctor, and let me tell you, he majorly freaked me out. After he narrowed down my symptoms to some viral infection he tells me “We need to have your white blood cell count tested to make sure everything is well there.” Automatically, with my knowledge of biological systems and such, I’m thinking “He thinks I have AIDS!” So I went and had my white blood cell count tested, and everything is fine. He then tells me that I have a high number of T cells that attack Mononucleosis, which is stellar. Currently my blood is being tested for Mono. so I’ll let you know how that goes. I have to call tomorrow to find out.

Thanks to Lindz for making my day a little better just by saying the words above. I miss Lindz and she needs to come back from the evil turtle land of the east (she goes to school at Maryland).

IU beat Morehead State (from somewhere in Kentucky) this evening, 77-57. I’ve determined that the games we should win, we win by a large margin, the ones where there is a chance we will win, we lose by a large margin. Oh well…

I just got home to the ville for the holidays. I’m looking forward to being away from Bloomington for some time, however short it will be. Growing up and needing to have a job to support yourself sucks cause you can’t do a lot of things you would rather do. So it goes…

Alright, I’m definitely out yo. peace.

Song of the Day Knocking on Heaven’s Door – Bob Dylan

Quote of the Day – “He’s got a corn cob pipe, a button knows, and two eyes of coal GET OUT!” – Tony Kornheiser, Pardon the Interuption


6 thoughts on “Tuesday is definitely gray.

  1. Around the Horn
    and PTI
    are the best shows on ESPN

    Your layout is really cool i wish i could make something like it

    have a merry chrismas

    pinKUS xxx

  2. I LOVE YOU TOM MASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I miss you like crazy. You made my day by saying that… Seeing that was one of the bestest christmas presents ever. 🙂

    I hope you feel better. Mono both sucks AND blows.

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