Top Ten Reasons IU Football Sucks

In honor of IU’s surprising loss to Michigan State, here is the Top Ten Reasons that IU Football Sucks…

10. At Indiana University, basketball and soccer rule.

With five NCAA National Championship Banners hanging in Assembly Hall and six NCAA National Championship Banners hanging in Bill Armstrong Stadium, and only eight, eight visits to a bowl game in the history of IU Football, it’s clear that nobody here cares about football. Bring on the round ball sports!

9. Two different coaches in the last five years.

If you chahge the direction and leadership if your program that quickly, you can’t expect anything except to be consistently bad.

8. Pass defense

You mean they can throw the ball? WOW, novel concept. Less passes = less interceptions.

7. The Second Half.

Hey coach, I have something for you all to work on in practice Monday… SCORING IN THE SECOND HALF! How do you go from being in the lead 20-7 to losing it AND, what’s more, the game.

6. Missed field goal attempts.

I have seen too many IU football games lost by a field goal to not include this high on the list.

5. Run defense

After seeing the second half of play vs. Michigan State, I have realized that we all were tricked into believeing that we were going to have a decent season this year/

4. Matt LoVeccio

Game clock, anyone? Matt, do you know what a game clock is? No coach, I’ve never heard of one before.

3. Officials

As everyone knows, it’s always the official’s fault that anyone loses a game, NOT the student section that was heckling the stripes before the game started.

2. Jerry DiNardo

Student of Football for Dummies

And the number one reason that IU football sucks is…

1. What is IU football?

Nobody in this state/country cares about IU football.

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayLikes of You Again – Flogging Molly

Quote of the Day – Hey Chewbacca, where’s R2?” –Chad heckling number 96 on the MSU bench for his long out-of-the back orange hair that was obviously died.

Hero of the Day – Chris for making sure I was awake this morning.

Current Mood – Aggravated because of the IU home loss to a team we should have beaten.

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons IU Football Sucks

  1. Yeah it’s too bad you lost. I was hopin you would win……if only for the shear fact that it will help our strength of schedule in the screwed up computer system in our quest for the Rose/Orange Bowl!

    Good luck with Mich and we’ll see ya in November

  2. yea seriously, that game blew. we had the lead going into the second half and then we lost it. it was a waste of my time. but i did get to visit my bro and go to lunch at the Trojan Horse, which was cool

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