Too much on my mind…

There is so much on my mind right now, I don’t even know where to begin…

I guess I’ll start with our slow and special president. How can anybody be so discriminatory? Ratify an amendment to DISCRIMINATE against an entire group of people! I’m sorry, but I thought that the Constitution of this great country was designed to stand for the COMPLETE opposite. Each and every word of that document is aimed at stamping out discrimination on the base of religion, sex, ethnic background, etc. Apparently our very own G Dubbs thinks that discrimination based on sexual orientation is ok. UNACCEPTABLE. EVERYBODY in this country should have the right to live however they please. I will not live under a government who discriminates against an entire group of people, some of whom are my closest friends! It’s completely inappropriate! If this amendment is passed, I will be moving out of this country. I’m not sure to where yet, but I will not stand for this absurdity. Maybe England, Spain, Canada. If I have no money, I’ll move to Mexico.

What was it that I saw on the news yesterday at lunch… it definitely made angry about something… hm… Ok, I can’t remember…

Moving on to religious leaders. I was watching the news this morning and something occurred to me. NBC’s morning program was interviewing some religious leader (I would have his name, but the Today Show doesn’t believe in putting their interviews online until the day after the interview… blah). He was one of the religious folks to watch the premiere of The Passion with Mel Gibson, so naturally, they were asking him some questions about how he initially reacted and such. Here’s how the questions played out:

Katie Couric: Do you feel that this movie is anti-Semitic?
Religious Dude: When the movie ended, I wrote a letter to (insert name of a civil rights leader here). I told him that in now way should anyone take the movie as offensive. There is no way this movie could be anti-Semitic because the Jews were the ones who wrote the new testament, the Jews were the ones who witnessed these events, even Jesus Christ was a Jew.
Katie Couric: Do you see a discrepancy between the events portrayed in the movie, the ones portrayed in the bible and the actual historical events?
Religious Dude: Katie, I am a firm believer that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins, and for your sins, and for everyone’s sins.
Katie Couric: But what about the difference between the bible and history?
Religious Dude: Katie, I view the bible as the absolute historical truth. Ues Mel took some “Hollywood liberties” while making the film, but I feel that is very accurately represents the truth.


Katie Couric could have kept pushing the issue of differences between biblical accounts of the events and actual historical accounts, but she didn’t, which to me shows a sign of a good journalist, but that’s not why I’m writing this in here. (there’s a run-on sentence for ya :-P)

My point here is simple. I am sick and tired of religious leaders who, when asked questions that criticize their religious beliefs, shutter and default to the whole “Jesus didn’t die just for my sins, He died for your’s too.” defense. Everyone in this country (Christian or not) should know by now that Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross for everybody, not just Christians. If a religious leader is going to put himself in a position to receive public criticism about the belief system that he leads, he should be willing and able to defend it. The above-mentioned defense isn’t cutting it anymore. In fact, I don’t’ think it ever cut it, but whatever. I’m getting off this topic…

Moving on…
I really enjoy reading everyone’s blogs, I really do, but when you don’t update, I get annoyed. Every blog that is listed on the side of mine, plus a couple more, are my nightly reading before I got to bed. It usually takes me a good hour to an hour and a half to get caught up with everyone. That being said, if I don’t comment on your blog, don’t think that I don’t read. Sometimes I don’t comment just because I’m tired and want to go to bed, but rest assured, I will comment when I get the chance, as long as you say something earth shattering (for some of you, that’s not that hard :-P).

I think that’s all for today. Check back for more later.

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayAnarchy in the UK – The Sex Pistols

Hero of the Day – Nathan for buying me lunch every Wednesday for the past couple semesters.

Quote of the Day courtesy of my I300 professor.
Blevis: This is lumberjack chic.
Student: You mean Canadian?

(later in class when talking about tow truck operators)
Blevis: I think they are the type that eat their cousins.

Beatles Trivia
None today, I’m too lazy. Answers coming in the next post as well as a new question.

Current Mood Hungry

The Daily Update

Yesterday was one of my best, busy days yet this semester. I went to class, as usual. I308 was about as interesting as watching paint dry. We learned about parent/child relationships and how to represent them in diagramming… yes, an hour and fifteen minutes of that… I wanted to pull my hair out!

Java was actually pretty fun. I’m getting to the point where I can solve the problems posed in class before menzel gets through them. She hasn’t posted this week’s assignment yet, which makes me a little nervous. I hope it’s not due Saturday, I don’t know when I would code it.

Macro was just as boring as I308. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Immediately after Macro, I went to work. I was at work from 4pm – midnight. It was a nice eight hours. The first four I was walking around campus, the second four, I was pretty much confined to three labs. Although it exhausted me, I was in an extremely good mood afterward. During my shift, I got to talk to Jessi (not you Terrell, my friend from high school). I haven’t talked to her in ages. She was probably my best friend throughout high school, but then we just lost touch… sad. Now that her parents have broadband internet in the house, I’m sure I’ll get to talk to her more often, which makes me happy.

Afterward I went over to Erin’s and now I’m at work again… blah.

That’s all really, today is Lunch Bunch, I’m excited about that. Plus I’m starving, so that might have something to do with it 😉

peace out yos!

10 thoughts on “Too much on my mind…

  1. booo! you didn’t get to talk to the OTHER OTHER jessi!:)

    have a fabulous stress free rest of the week kiddo.
    and WORD on the whole blog thing….. *gnashes teeth*

  2. oh wow just too much to think about and i really tired but i just wanted to comment on how open you are about how you feel it is so awesome.

  3. dude…if you move out of country…i will desert and ex-patriate myself to whatever country it is…please let it be england…

  4. On a completely unrelated note… I finally got where the top quote of your blog came from. I *told* you I made my first trip to the library. Hahaha…

  5. dose of reality: 38 states (the exact number of states needed to pass a Constitutional amendment) have passed marriage protection laws basically banning gay marriage from ever happening in those states. not one amendment has ever gone to state convention, so you know where it goes: the state legilature, and those 38 states will pass it. sorry bout ya, kids.

  6. i’m part swedish…how about switzerland?…great hiking and awesome climbing…maybe even get a job at kenderstag…just not france…

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