Tom and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Long Day!

So I’m doing well so far… I’ve posted every day in December! Granted, today’s post started at 11:51, but it’s still Sunday 🙂

When you were little, did you ever read the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? It was one of my favorite books when growing up and I think it describes my day today… It was really really bad with a couple good punctuations.

Lets see, the day started with Saturday night. I worked from 4:00 – midnight (for some reason I always draw the night shifts). After work, I jogged to Upstairs to meet Ryan, Tony and Cami. They were doing their own mini-bar crawl that night. I hooked up with them and went to Sports. I ended up only spending $25 at Sports. I put the first round of drinks on my card, so Ryan, Tony and Cami gave me cash. I then used that cash to buy drinks. It worked out really well, I should do that more often.

Then I got home, hung out with the gang downstairs for a bit, then went upstairs to talk to Beth for a while. Beth didn’t leave until 5:30am and apparently she didn’t leave the house till later because she tells me she went to sleep at 7:00am. I went to her apt. in the morning (actually, early afternoon circa 1:00) to set up their wireless router. Don’t ever buy a Belkin wireless router. I give it a Two Star rating… It is not the easiest thing to use and set up. Once it’s set up, I’m sure it works fine, but getting it set up is definitely the hard part.

Here’s the good punctuation…
I get a call from Emma asking me to take her to the Pot Luck lunch. I told her I could, so we went to the pot luck. It was for KKPsi and TBS so there were brothers and sisters there. That always makes for a good time.

I then headed off to a group meeting at the main library which was about as fun as beating yourself with a hammer in the foot. I didn’t get done with that until 9:00ish. I then sped home and took a 20 minute nap before I had to wake up to go to work.

That about brings us up to date… I’m about sick of ICORE students because they just make my job a living Hell during the case.

That’s about all I’m going to post about tonight/this morning.

Some Quotes of the Evening
Random Guy 1: I LOVE GOD!
Random Guy 2: I would be in church every day if I could

Random Guy 3, totally unrelated to Random Guys 1 and 2: Oh My God, It’s 4:30!

Song of the dayHey Ya! – Outkast It was playing in Steak n Shake when I went in for some lunch.


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  1. I had something witty to say, but I don’t remember what it was now.

    Um… everything’s better when it’s wet?

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