To all you loyalists…

Here’s my two day blog entry. Starting with this…


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I don’t usually take those, but I’m bored, and Erin had the results of this one posted in her blog. And since is down, I can’t look at most anyone’s blogs. GRRRR!

Anyway, Monday, I went to every central Indiana Galyan’s looking for a kampus board, specifically the Metolius Simulator. Greenwood – sold out by the time I got to the camping section. Plainfield – just flat out didn’t have one. Pike Plaza – no dice. Carmel – didn’t have one when we checked in Greenwood. Castelton – online inventory said they had four, by the time I got there, all four had been purchased, OR (the more likely solution) Galyan’s online inventory system is inaccurate. Although I wouldn’t put it past people to buy them before I got there, especially since I drove around hell’s half acre before I got there.

So after my travels around the greater Indianapolis area, I ended up at my parent’s house, where I was going to get some 3/4″ plywood so I can mount my board, but ended up deciding to stay there for a few days. When I checked my e-mail, I discovered that my camera would be delivered the next day (yesterday) so after watching IU beat North Texas, I got back in my truck and journeyed back to Bloomington so I could sign for the camera. Well, as you all already know, it came, I visited with Tony for a bit (long enough for him to finish a beer) and drove back to the ville. And here I sit.

Here’s my plan for the day… Go for a run sometime before 4:00, play with the digital camera some more, get an oil change in my truck (if somewhere is open). The New Year’s Eve plans begin this evening at 4:40 and won’t end until (my guess) twelve hours after that. Time to start the preparations!

Check out the photoblog for the pictures of the festivities! They’ll be up sometime during the new year.

Happy New Year all!

later days

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