Thursday…finally My week offically ends


My week offically ends with Thursday. Granted, I have two discussion sections tomorrow, but one is for the German and the other is for I101….the easiest class on the face of the earth.

Anyway, Wednesday was as normal as days get. I ended up taking a personal day from class. I needed to catch up on lost sleep and get a lot of homework done. So no interesting stories about the German and Winnie the Pooh today, rather some insights on life…..RIIIGHT….hehe

I did go to some music shops and bought a couple albums. Pet Sounds by the Beach Boy’s The Best of Bowie and The Yellow Submarine (the 1999 remasters) . After listening to the Yellow Submarine album, I am 1000% in favor of remastering the entire Beatle’s catalouge. The sound is amazing. It’s a work of art in itself. You can hear things that you just can’t in the original masters.

The Bowie is awesome too, I’m listening to it right now.

Pet Sounds….Both Mono and Stereo. the first 13 tracks are mono, and the next 14 are the same tracks in stereo along with a bonus track. yet another awesome album. I really wish I had a lot of extra money so I can build up my cd collection to include all of the artists that I enjoy and a good selection of rock from the ages….a history of rock if you will.

I plan to start a swimming workout next week (as soon as I go get some decent goggles). It’s going to be pretty rigorus, but it’s intended to keep me in shape so I’m not a total loser come summer when I’m expected to be “super aquatics man”. hehe..

Well, I think that’s all I have for now. so I’ll leave another post tomorrow summarizing my day today.

Quote of the day – “Oh Tommy Boy, Oh Tommy Boy. You’re really fun to talk to. Oh Tommy Boy Oh Tommy Boy. We like it when you’re funny.” — Shelley after going out to the bars and having a little too much to drink…hehe love ya Shelley 🙂