This Week’s Second Edition of Graveyard Boredom

Ok, so yesterday I tried my hand at a little musical connection between The Beatles and Eminem. “What is this?” you may ask. Well, the musical connection is where I try to connect one artist to another in a totally different genre in as few links as possible. If anyone can make the same connection in fewer links, post it in the comments section and I will bow to your skill and then try to make it fewer links.

Tonight’s musical connection. Brought to you by Ashleigh Hanson to Pink Floyd in four musical links.

1. Hanson cites as one of their major influences to their sound and the style of music they sing as the Jackson 5.
2. Michael Jackson was part of the Jackson 5
3. Not only does Michael Jackson own a majority of the Beatles’ catalouge, he also is highly influenced by their music, especially the White Album and Abbey Road.
4. Syd Barrett, one of the song writers of Pink Floyd, before he fried his brains with drugs would tell reporters that the Beatles’ psychadelic stage was one of the influences in his songwriting.

On another note. I got to play in the Crabb Band at the IU Soccer game today (well, yesterday now). I miss playing in that ensemble a lot. I just wish I would have had the time to do it this year. (8)IU beat (9)Virginia Commenwealth University 5 – 0. It was definitely a good game. Next up, (8)IU takes on (1)UCLA at UCLA. That will be a tough game, but if we win it, we’re basically garunteeing ourselves another trip to the college cup in Columbus Crew Stadium, OH. I may just have to buy tickets for that… we’ll see.

That’s really the only interesting update of the night. It’s back to the usual graveyard boringness. I’m hoping that I-Core (a.k.a. business major hell) makes my job a little more interesting for the next couple weeks.

Not looking forward to the finals… those are in two weeks.

Two goals for the rest of the semester…
1 – Go to each and every one of my classes!
2 – Post in my blog every day!

Both of these are very attainable. It is going to be a very busy week, though. I have the Marching Hundred banquet Monday evening, a meeting with my exec council and the new exec council for Kappa Kappa Psi on Tuesday, I can’t remember exactly what I have on Wednesday, but it’s something equally important, Thursday is climbing day (WAHOO!) and Friday… well, I plan to hit the bars for a little while. That’s the plan for the week. Hopefully you will hear from me each and every day.

Hero of the day Ryan for stringing nine strands of lights on the roof of our house. You go boy! hahaha

Picture of the day
I wish I had one of the house. I’ll work on that one. But here’s for today.

Thought this was funny. I guess it’s more funny to those of you who read Fark often.

Song of the day – Anything angry. I’m in an angry music mood…

Quote of the day – “He’s Weezie! He’s swallowed his whistle!” – Me after being so frustrated at the officials at the soccer match that I thought he swallowed his whistle.

peace y’all

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Second Edition of Graveyard Boredom

  1. But I like Akbar and Cliche Kitty!

    As I was reading that, I was like yeah, that’s gotta be fark.

    IU soccer… mmmm. Enough to make me almost wish I had kept playing, because to play for them would be absolutly amazing.

    Oh well, ain’t burnout a bitch?

  2. Yea, I wish I kept playing too. Granted, I played goalie and there hasn’t been a goalie opening since I’ve been here, but still. It would have been a chance of a lifetime.

  3. There team… it’s just so amazing. I played up through Freshman in high school, including a year on B, and a year on varsity for Noblesville. Before that, I played way to many years on Indy United… I don’t even remember what class they were?

    Oh well, traveling 600 miles for a game got old.

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