This is what I get…

for leaving Bloomington for one day.

All Hell breaks loose in Iraq.

Who do these people think they are? Honestly… Hanging bodies from a bridge went out with the fourteenth century. Especially bodies of Americans who are there not by their own interest, but because of a selfish Commander in Chief who wants to lower oil prices thousands of miles away!

Let’s do a recap of the events of the past couple years.

Sept. 11, 2001
I’m not going to say anything about this one. You all know what happened. We were all touched by this day in one way or another.

October 7, 2001
US and British forces started bombing Afghanistan, a land war followed. The main objectives:

  1. Oust the Taliban
  2. Find Osama Bin Laden and dismantle his terrorist regime

There were others, those are the main ones. Status report:

  1. We ousted the Taliban. That was pretty easy.
  2. Osama Bin Laden has yet to be found, and his terror network, Al Queda, is still functioning, although seriously wounded.

It has been 927 days since Bush said he would catch Bin Laden “Dead or Alive” and we still haven’t seen him.

March 19, 2003
The United States of Ameica and England begin the invasion of Iraq. Main objectives:

  1. Oust Saddam Hussein
  2. Find and destroy the rumored Weapons of Mass Destruction
  3. Break the ties between Iraq and the Taliban and Al Queda that were said to exist.

Again, those are a few, not all of them.

Status report:

  1. Saddam is in US Custody
  2. There have been no WMDs found in Iraq to this day
  3. There has been no evidence of ties between Iraq and the Taliban and Al Queda

We’re making some good pogress. It’s only been three years and we’ve completed two of our objectives. Kinda makes you wonder what Bush has been doing all this time with our friends and family overseas fighting HIS war.

It is not our war, it is his war! A war for “the glory of the Bush family”.

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayA Space Oddity – Davie Bowie

Hero of the Day – My mom for making me dinner while I was home 🙂

Dumbass of the DayDarwn Award Nominee Fred Phelps If you don’t know who he is, take the time to google him. He paid IU a visit today.

Quote of the Day
KriStaLsTaRr00: :'( so I am doing my homework like I should and ALL OF A SUDDEN my enter key doesn’t work anymore, do you happen to have a clue as to why?
(ten seconds later and no interruption from me)
KriStaLsTaRr00: oh its working again

The photoblog has been updated again. TWO DAYS IN A ROW, WAHOO!

Until the next post…

The Daily Update

Today was interesting. When Erin and I awoke, I realized that I did not bring a bag home to pack for convention this weekend. This meant yet another trip to the ville for Tom.

I packed everything up and headed out the door by 9:45am, got home around 11. I quickly ate lunch, fixed my parents’ computer and wrote down and plotted all of the geocaches in Shelbyville.

Laura and I headed out for an afternoon of geocaching fun around noon. We were out until 3:45 that afternoon when we returned home. We found a total of thirteen caches, mostly micros. All of them were hidden in awesome locations. I posted some photos in my photoblog.

It was nice to get out and about the places where I grew up. I had a lot of fun, and judging by the perpetual smile, Laura, too, had fun. We literally went all over Shelbyville looking for these. There is one in every park and a few just randomly scattered about.

Then I headed back to Bloomington to be at work, and that’s where I am right now. Exciting, I know.

9 thoughts on “This is what I get…

  1. It’s worth noting that Fred Phelps did *not* actually show up to IU today. I wandered out to the counter-protest with Nichoras this evening after we went to dinner… and there was a HUGE contingent of the GLBT variety (with a bunch of us straight people thrown in, including a few of my mello rookies, just because we think they rock and that God doesn’t hate them) all decked out in rainbows and halos and signs that say “Gay and Christian” and “Jesus Loves Me” and a bridge painted with “God Made ‘Fags'”…

    And no Fred Phelps anywhere to be seen. Word on the street says he and his Bible-bangers took to New York, probably in a case of better judgment–after all, according to SNL, Bloomington *is* the coming out capital of the world.

  2. I kinda lied. It reminds me of Somalia at least as much as it does hanging bodies off the London Bridge.

    The mutilating the corpses… yeah.

    Why are we there?

  3. Laura………. Hiles? Hoffman? Some other Laura entirely? Does Erin know about this? When do I meet her? Is she cute? Is she working at camp this summer? Does she like the color pink? TOM, you musn’t be so vague!!!

  4. Laura is my little sister 🙂 She and I went out and got all of the geocaches within ten miles of Shelbyville with the exception of two (becasue we didn’t want to ask permission from the property owners cause we’re lazy like that).

    Today I hope to go out and get six of them in the Columbus OH area 🙂

    I’m a tool… yes… but I like it 😛

  5. Actually… the US can’t control oil prices even if they did control Iraqi oil. OPEC controls the supply that comes out of the country because it’s their pipeline that takes the oil to the Med. The US can’t take it to the Gulf and export it because our gas would cost over 3 dollars a gallon in the cheapest states! That’s why oil prices have gone up and why oil supply has gone down. The only thing the US can do is export the allowed amount instead of limiting the export amount (like Saddam had been doing).

  6. Oh and for the record:

    1) Taliban and Al Queda soldiers trained in Iraq before 9/11. Three VHS tapes were found during the invasion showing training in Weapons, Tactics, and even flight training.

    2) Al Queda is NOT seriously wounded. The ousting of Saddam and the removal of the Taliban from Afghanistan were directives to remove safe-haven’s for terrorist networks. Not JUST the Al Queda. This is the War On Terror… not the War on Al Queda.

    3) If Saddam never had any WMD… it was still a success in the War On Terror. He was the next largest target that had any power. Saddam was basically a terrorist to his own people and a terrorist waiting to happen to the US. A person could argue against our pro-active approach to this war… but that is the only way to prevent another disaster like 9/11.

    The Airline industry has a habit of installing safety procedures after a disaster. One example is that the air-to-air collision system was only implemented after a crash that killed 80 some people. It had been invented 2 years prior. Our Government usually operates on the same premise… i’m glad that they’re being pro-active… i just hope if Kerry wins that we’ll still have the same game plan (i think so… as he did vote for the invasion of Iraq).

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