The Thursday Update

Well, it’s Thursday, which means I update, but I don’t have much to say today…

I’ve updated like mad on the Sideblog. Mostly things I found on Digg, but there are a couple updates there not from Digg but related to stories that ended up there. I’ve also found a Podcast that I enjoy listening to… a lot. It’s Senator Barack Obama’s Weekly Podcast. I’ve also discovered a couple video podcasts that I’m going to start watching as often as they are updated: TikiBar TV and Ask a Ninja.

TikiBar TV is a comedy podcast that needs some work. From what I can gather; three friends sit around, get drunk in their living room then answer fan mail. It has its moments, some of them are hilarious, but for the most part… they need some work. [rate 2.5] — yea, 2.5 stars for them.

Ask a Ninja is freakin hilarious. A guy wrapped in black cloth — “the ninja” — answers ridiculous questions asked in the form of email. The guy is hilarious, I give it [rate 4.5]. The only way it could get better is by being longer. His website is A few posts down, there’s a post called “Add a Ninja” in which he begs for you to add him as a friend on MySpace. Take some time and download them, they’re freakin hilarious.

One more thing before I go… file it under the “Rant” category. At the end of September, I spent $43 on these headphones at the Computer Connection in the IMU; you know, the place where you can buy all that cool and cheap IU software. I love the headphones because they block out a majority of the ambient sound so the music doesn’t have to be that loud for you to hear it and they have a great bass reflex. Well, about the middle of December, the left earbud stopped working. So today, I go to take it back to the Computer Connection, but they guy at the register (who is obviously new, but that’s not relevant) told me that they don’t take returns or exchanges. The only help they could give me was “Try calling Apple. Maybe they can help you out.” I wanted to throw the earbuds at them and walk out, but I kept my cool.

Moral of the story — don’t buy anything from the Computer Connection in the Union unless it’s cheap software. They don’t stand behind what they sell.

Anyway, I think that’s about it for me right now.

For not having much to say, I sure turned this into a decent post… I’m going to go find some more funny podcasts.


The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayBanana Pancakes — Jack Johnson

Quote of the Day — “Tracie got run over by a Blazer, walkin back from Yogi’s after lunch.” — Marsha after coming back from lunch with Tracie after Tracie got hit by some dumbass not paying any attention to the crosswalk. I swear, nobody in this town can drive…

Today’s Moment of Bliss — Standing on Aaron’s stack of three reams of paper to view over Gwendolen’s cubicle wall.

Hero of the Day — Erin for going to dinner with me last night and today 🙂 I love her!

Current Moodcontent — Still aggravated, but right now, I’m content.

Until the next post…

5 thoughts on “The Thursday Update

  1. Oh yea, and I ‘fixed’ the div problem. And by ‘fixed’ I mean created a background image that hides the problem until I can really fix it.

  2. hey i think a lot of people are having a problem with headphones on the newer ipods. i think there was something on digg the other day.

  3. Dude, have you seen my iPod? It’s definitely a 3G iPod, so it’s not a problem with the newer ones. The headphones just crapped out and I kinda want them to be fixed since I spent $43 on them…

    Whatever, I almost don’t care anymore…

  4. Ummmm…’re link to the headphones doesn’t exactly work…… it looks like you logged into the store, copied the link, then posted it, and seeing as how the session is differen’t for me……yeah….cause I’d like to see which headphones NOT to get when I get an iPod……..

  5. They’re the Apple In-Ear Headphones. Not the earbuds, the In-Ear Headphones. I recommend getting them anyway, just make sure you get them from an Apple store that takes returns and exchanges. They’re freakin awesome headphones but you can’t be rough with them. They’re delicate.

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