The Strange Mistress

There’s a strange mistress in my life. Someone who has always been a part of it, but I never paid much attention to her until now. I’ve already dedicated a lot of time and energy to our relationship and it’s one I know will never fail, for every bit of time and effort she receives, she returns ten fold.

She’s everything I need in my life right now. She’s not demanding. She’s not vindictive. She’s outgoing, yet down to earth. She does more than her share of good in this world every day. She’s has guidelines that are difficult to meet sometimes, but every moment spent with her is amazing. She accepts almost everyone from almost every walk of life and those who she rejects are not immune to her influence. She’s powerful yet gentle.

Her interests lie everywhere, but I don’t have to keep them all occupied; she only asks that I believe what she believes and that’s good enough for me.

She feels no emotion, but I am in love with her…

If dreams are like movies, then memories are films about ghosts…

7 thoughts on “The Strange Mistress

  1. hey tom, i dont know who your mistriss is (altough one can only assume it is jimmy) but fyi I have changed my blog to and I will be keeping it more as a “open for all digital photo album” so feel free to look around, i havent put much up yet, but there will be more to come

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