Photo of my feet, covered in mud and soaked after hiking in the Monroe Lake backcountry.

The Results are In…

…and they’re inconclusive!

After the blood tests came back with the phrase “highly suggestive of Celiac,” I went in for an endoscopy. During the endoscopy, there was some damage to my small intestine, but the damage wasn’t enough to make a diagnosis. According to the gastroenterologist that I saw, just because the biopsy came back negative doesn’t mean that I don’t have the disease. There are several things in play, specifically: I have the symptoms, they improve when I don’t eat gluten, and the blood tests are highly suggestive. He said that the blood tests and symptom correlation is enough for him to make a diagnosis.

I don’t know what to make of it. I’m going to be seeing my GP soon, maybe she’ll have some insight and maybe I’ll have a sure diagnosis soon. Until then, I’ll not be eating any gluten.