The Evil We Must Fear Most

I saw a story on the news the other morning that flat-out pissed me off. A carjacker walked up to a 91 year old WWII veteran, asked for a light for a cigarette then proceeded to beat the crap out of him, punching him in the face 21 times. The elderly man was pinned between his car door and another vehicle the whole time, so there was no escape.

Click here for the video
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The first time I saw the video, I thought the bystanders were accomplices and would jump into the car after the suspect finished beating the elderly man, but that was not the case.

I like to think that if something like that happened to me, bystanders would step in and at least do something. I know I would; I would feel obligated to do something other then stand around and watch.

I guess I also think that nobody in this world would be so desperate to need to have the balls to attack an elderly man in the middle of the day while other people are watching.

Just makes me sick…

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