Ok, I’ve decided that this will be the layout/color scheme of my new blog. It’s a lot simpler than my old one, but I’m happy with it. The colors somewhat match my new frontpage.

In other news, Here’s a picture of me and my family after Thanksgiving dinner, but before the Tryptophan sets in. It’s me, my sisters and my grandparents from my mom’s side. It was my mother’s first attempt at using the timer included with her digital camera. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. wait, you pay for blogger but now you’re using mt? hmm…. well, to each his own 😉 happy thanksgiving, you.

    (i never could get mt to work for me, but that was because i was stupid and using janked webspace anyway, you’ll have to tell me how you like it.)

  2. I paid for Blogger for only a couple months. When Google took over, the Blogger Pro went out the window and became part of the standard package. All the pro features have been free for a while now. Anyway, I’m really digging the mt stuff, especially since I control the reliability of it. Definitely good software.

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