Thank God my Midterms are

Thank God my Midterms are over!

Now I have at least a week to relax a bit. Not completely, but a bit.

The last week sucked, hardcore. I had three exams, two of them midterms. In Spanish class, I had an oral exam on Wednesday. That wasn’t too bad because I’m a pretty good speaker. Friday was my toughest day. I had back to back biology exams. Molecular Bio was at 8am followed promptly by Genetics at 9:30ish. I don’t know the exact times for that class because it’s right after Molecular in the same lecture room. After those were over, the weekend began for me. We had our PMs over for some Risk and paddle signing on Friday night. I miss playing that game and I miss lindz.

Anyway, Saturday night we had a huge get together at our house. There were people there that I didn’t even know. From what I hear, everyone had a good time too. We made all of the money from our keg back, so we didn’t spend any money.

In other news. I register for classes this week. I’m excited. I am three semesters from graduating and getting out of school. I’m so ready to move on to another chapter of my life. College has been fun, but the chapter is almost written in the book of life.

That’s about all I want to write about for now. Maybe more later tonight.

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“Can you lay the back seats down and make the orgy bed like my and my sister used to do?” – Ryan at dinner