Thank God it’s… Thursday?

Yes, that says Thank God for Thursday. I’m so glad Thursday is here, you have no idea.

Work today was intense. I got call after call after call and was running all over campus. It’s going to be good to relax tonight. Running all over campus, fixing printers, troubleshooting file transfers and web design is fun, but when it’s as intense as it was today, you get exhausted quickly.

Got home from work, made some lunch… yes, lunch at 4:00 in the afternoon :-\ Then we headed to the HPER to play some basketball. That was fun. Chris and I were going to go climbing, but we ended up playing ball instead.

Now it’s dinner time at Beth’s. I’ll talk later.

Article of the Day
Kid finds largest known Prime Number That’s intense…

Song of the DayTouch of Lust Ben Harper

Quote of the Day – “Are you the entertainment?” – Mr. Cramer when he saw that Emma was being “Rachel for the Day” and playing her gameboy.

peace out yo!

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