Thank God for March!More basketball

Thank God for March!

More basketball than you can shake a stick at.

Yea, so if you didn’t hear the news, I am heading to Boston tomorrow morning. I’m traveling with the basketball band to the tournament. Go Hoosiers! Our Athletic Director has purchased the pep band members going on the trip red Nike sweater vests to wear rather than the basketball band vests. I’m excited. Free trip to Boston, free red sweater vest, yay πŸ™‚ I just hope the Hoosiers can pull off one win (vs. Alabama) so I get to stay the weekend. To start it all off, we’re having a cookout at Bryan Park at 4:00 today. I know I know, I’m going to be missing the Arizona Vermont game, but hey, this is a warm up for the weekend. Gotta go!

Anyway, I totally cleaned the house yesterday. It’s spotless, and should stay that way until at least Sunday when the roomates return. You should see my house πŸ™‚ It’s amazing how clean it can be.

I had to run home again tomorrow because I left my luggage for this weekend at home. I ended up staying longer than I wanted to, which was a good thing. I went with my family to Greenwood to do some shopping. The main reason I went was to find a phone faceplate for my cell. The one I have is starting to lose it’s color (it’s the one that came with the phone). I discovered, to my dismay, the phone I spent $100 on is now the free phone that is given to people when they sign up for a plan. Damn the way technology changes… hehe

I’m pretty much packed for Boston (I’m excited, can’t you tell). This is my favorite time of year. It’s starting to get warm outside and Basketball All Freakin Day!!!

Alright, I’m heading out of here, gotta watch more basketball πŸ˜€

Quote of the day “It’s like a disco on your pants” –Ryan while commenting on a flashing cell phone battery.

Mac fund $293.58 No change since last post

see ya’ll after my trip to Boston πŸ™‚