Temporary Spring

Wow! What a beautiful day here in Bloomington. Our high today was near 70 degrees.

The weather definitely reminded me of last Spring, Spring Break in particular. Driving around in John’s Jeep, top down, jamming to Dispatch…

The reason it reminded me of that time is because some guy drove by the School of Informatics with a Jeep packed full of people, listening to The General as loud as possible.

I cannot wait until Springtime in Bloomington. There is no better place to be when the weather starts to get warm, the trees start to bud, the birds come back from their winter slumber and all of the students start invading any green-space they can get to so they can play frisbee, football, soccer, basketball, or just about any other sport. The city really comes to life when the weather is beautiful. Today definitely had some traces of that.

One guy in my Capstone group didn’t come to our meeting with the instructors today because he was “feeling under the weather”. If it was me, and I wasn’t already on campus, I would be traveling to a state forrest or a city park to feel “under the weather” on a day like today.

Today definitely made me look forward to the summer more than I previously was. Being outside almost all day is awesome, especially when you are doing something you love.

In other news about my life. I’m still as broke as ever. My vow of poverty worked, I only spent $20 a week the last two weeks. I won’t have that luxury this week becasue a lot of bills are coming due.

This weekend was a ton of fun. I got to spend it all with Erin since Valentine’s Day was Monday. We ate dinner Friday at Cafe Dijango downtown then went back to her house for some hang-out time with her roomates. Calvin (Erica’s boyfriend) was in town. He and I found common interest since we both climb. For those of you who are camp kids, imagine Robbie Babbit with blonde hair and you’ve got Calvin. Same mannerisms, sense of humor and personality.

Saturday I had to be at the Basketball game, then we hung out with Will and Rachel. We saw Sideways which I highly recommend. Since the movie is about a couple of guys driving around California visiting the Vineyards, we decided to have a wine tasting party. We each bought a bottle of wine to sample and then did the whole tasting thing. We even bought el-cheapo wine glasses to drink out of.

Friday I’m making a trip up to Shelbyville to hopefully see a doctor about my constant inability to concentrate on ANYTHING. It’s to a point where it’s driving both me and Erin nuts.

That’s all I want to spew onto the web right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to write again soon.

Peace out all!

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayFlying Horses – Dispatch

Hero of the Day – Erin for being my Valentine yesterday.

Quote of the Day – “Warm weather makes people stupid!” – Erin when we were driving to dinner tonight.

Current Mood – Restless

Until the next post…

4 thoughts on “Temporary Spring

  1. Well, I couldn’t tell if his hair was red or no because he had it cut so short. Whatever though.

    And the Dr. Appt might not happen this Friday. Things are up in the air.

  2. Dude you should def. come up monday the 21st. We are playing ultimate frisbee for a couple of hours it is going to be awesome. But if not i can understand that whole little money can really be a pain in the ass sometimes.

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