Sweet Home Chicago

One and One is Two,
Two and Two are Four.
C’mon Hoosiers, you can’t lose anymore.

The last couple months when I get into a car to go somewhere, if the radio is tuned to 92.3, I always hear Eric Clapton’s version of Sweet Home Chicago. It’s to a point now where I am begining to despise this song. I mean, yea, it’s cool and all, but when I hear it THREE TIMES A DAY it gets a little old.

But that’s not what this post is about, ::end rant::

I can’t wait until 4:00 Thursday afternoon when our bus pulls out of Bloomington heading northwest to the Windy City for the Big Ten Tournament. I’m excited to see the Hoosiers beat down the Gophers and then move on to play the Fighting Illini of Illinois. Granted, I’m not sure how the game with the Illini is going to pan out, but from talking to people around campus, they all think we’ve got a good shot at beating them.

Here’s the bracket:
taken from ESPN.com


Thursday, March 10
at Chicago, Ill.
Friday, March 11
at Chicago, Ill.
Saturday, March 12
at Chicago, Ill.
Sunday, March 13
at Chicago, Ill.
Game 1
(8) Northwestern vs.
(9) Michigan
(ESPN, Noon)

Game 2
(7) Iowa vs.
(10) Purdue
(ESPN, 2 p.m.)

Game 3
(6) Ohio State vs.
(11) Penn State
(ESPN, 5 p.m.)

Game 4
(1) Illinois vs.
Game 1 winner
(ESPN, Noon)

Game 5
(4) Indiana vs.
(5) Minnesota
(ESPN, 2 p.m.)

Game 6
(2) Michigan State vs.
Game 2 winner
(6:40 p.m.)

Game 7
(3) Wisconsin vs.
Game 3 winner
(9:10 p.m.)

Game 8
Game 4 winner vs.
Game 5 winner
(1:40 p.m.)

Game 9
Game 6 winner vs.
Game 7 winner
(4 p.m.)

Game 10
Game 8 winner vs.
Game 9 winner

I love the month of March!

In other news, I was hella sick last night. I don’t know what caused it, but I felt like I was going to get sick all night. I basically layed in bed and tossed and turned until around 3am when I finally started feeling better. Then I slept until 11am when I had to get up for class, and came back to nap, but ended up sleeping through capstone and almost being late for Chemistry. I was lucky to wake up to the sound of a siren around 5pm otherwise I might still be asleep.

Will and I signed a lease for a place to live next year. We’ll be living right next door to Tim (Grandma G) and Kyle over on Vermilya Street. It’s a pretty nice house and it’s close to the first house we looked at so it should be good. It carries with it the same problems I stated in an earlier post, but I think things will be fine.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. I probably won’t post again until after the tournament, so look for me on TV.

I T ‘ S   M A R C H   M A D N E S S   B A B Y !

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayBanana Pancakes – Jack Johnson

Hero of the Day – The makers of Pepto-Bismol for giving me some comfort last night.

Current Mood – Excited

Until the next post…

7 thoughts on “Sweet Home Chicago

  1. You know what’s awesome?! Marching Hundred…you should think about doing it next season! It’s really cool when you get to be an UG and help Shane out a lot. Well, that’s all for now…nice BLOG! Later!

  2. April Madness doesn’t make any sense. The NCAA tournament itself is not the reason for the madness, the conference tournaments are the cause of March Madness. The fact that there is basketball on TV almost all day every day is what makes March so freakin’ awesome.

    Granted the Hoosiers are stuck with the NIT, but who cares, there is still plenty of basketball on TV for me to watch 🙂

  3. Hopefully when they lose in the first round of the Not Important Tournament, we’ll find out who will replace Davis at the helm…

    One can only dream…

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