Stupid University Administration

For those of you who can’t read or are too lazy to, here’s the synopsis: On the Indiana University Campus, you cannot smoke within 30 feet of a door, covered walkway or ventilation system. Basically this keeps the smoke from your cigarette from entering the smoke free buildings on campus. Seems like a good idea…

I’ve determined after the poor integration of this new rule that this campus cannot implement or execute any new policies.

Tonight at work (for those of you who don’t know, I walk from lab to lab observing consultants), I have witnessed at least 30 people smoking right outside the doors at three different buildings (The Main Library, Geology Building and Psychology Building). If you’re going to devise a scheme to stop smoke from entering buildings ENFORCE IT!

As most people know, the effective implementation of a new policy requires strict enforcement for a period of time immediately following its implementation. This did not happen on this campus. On September 1, 2003, you must follow the 30 foot rule. How many people are following it? My guess is only a handful of students and most employees.

This, to me, shows a major flaw in the thinking of the citizens of this country. We pay people to decide what laws we must have and what rules we as a society must abide by. We give these people this power by electing them into office to serve us. This being said, why can we not trust them? Our entire system of government is based on a fundamental level of trust. The leaders we revere most were the ones that gained our trust early on in their campaign and continued to keep it throughout their time in office. On the other hand, the leaders who we wish would never have been elected are the ones who lose the trust of their fellow politicians and the people who elected them to serve. In other words, abide by the rules, policies and laws set by those entrusted to make these statements.


*steps off his soapbox*

That’s all…

Song of the Day Out Loud – Dispatch
I’ve been in a strange mood lately and this song has been the one I’ve found myself listening to the most.

Quote of the Day – “YAY…. HORRAY….. ALRIGHT…. YAY….” – Me and Mojo climbing yesterday.


7 thoughts on “Stupid University Administration

  1. “if you call my name out loud…do you suppose that i will come running…if you call my name out loud…”

    pretty?…i know, i have a lovely voice…(cough) bull shit (cough)…

  2. Tom, I feel ya on the smoking policy. It sucks cause the darn smokers just like the fact they have a rule to break and nobody “seems” to care. It’s especially here in the dorms where we Resident Assistants get the job of enforcing it here! Another reason my job is ridiculous because everyone and their mom likes to smoke by the doors and sometimes inside the doors and in their rooms. Argh! Anyways, just wanted to drop a line hit me up–>

  3. i think people just shouldn’t smoke period. it’s stupid. but hey, if people want to kill themselves to look “cool” so be it. i’m not gonna change anything.

  4. even though it is not a law here, I have actually taken someone’s cigerette out of their mouth and stomped it out, because everytime I enter the building I had to inhale that crap… And that day I was just a little to pissed and the buttons were pushed. Especially when someone thought it was fun to blow it right into the face of people as they walk in… Oh no not on the day I was bitter. They were choking on their cigerettes.

  5. Now Tom…. =o) I can’t see you in that spiffy new vehicle of yours going the speed limit on your drives between ‘The Ville’ and B-Town! We all break a variety of rules that are enforced on our society. =o)

    Honestly though i know what you’re talking about. Sometimes we have a problem with it here at the Poplars Building… but we as the employees enforce it on each other… which is why it works. I doubt you’ll see a student enforce it on another student during the course of a day.

  6. i think that the rule is reasonable, but should be inforced, i hate when people just sit there and blow smoke in your face, go f***ing smoke somewhere else, better yet don’t smoke!

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