Stoopid Snow! Stoopid Math! Stoopid

Stoopid Snow! Stoopid Math! Stoopid Apache! Stoopid Graveyard!

If you couldn’t tell, this blog entry is going to contain a lot of complaining. I didn’t have a good week this week, so here goes the rant…

First of all, WHY THE HELL DID WE GET SO MUCH SNOW?!? Does it look like we live in Minnesota?!? This weather is insane! The usual high right now is in the low 40s…We’re going to have a hard time breaking 40 this week… PLUS we have not 1″, not 2″, not 3″, but 5″ of snow on the ground and it’s still falling. I really hope that I can find my car after I get off work! GAH! Stoopid Groundhog! Making us have more winter than we would EVER want!

ok, I promise, no more ranting about the weather today.

My math exam consisted of six questions, each one having around five or six parts to it. Well, the first four and a half questions were simple. The second half of the fifth one and all of the sixth one….yea….Tom blanked out and couldn’t remember how to do the problems. It took me the whole hour to “finish” the exam. Oh well though, everyone does that every once in a while. Stoopid Probability! I don’t know why I’m taking the Math statistics class….I should have taken it through Psychology or some other not-so-focused-on-numbers school. I’m sure I’ll do alright in the class, I just need to spend more time on the math.

For those of you who don’t know what Apache is (which I’m assuming is most of you), here’s the short definition. Apache is an open source web server application. It allows a computer to act as a web server. More specifically, Apache comes from “A PAtCHy server”. It was derived from some existing code as well as a group of patch files. Well, my Apache software somehow lost some of its files. I don’t have any idea how this happened, but it did. All of the files in my /etc/httpd directory had disappeared (that is the Apache program directory) so the server wouldn’t start when I asked it to. This took me three days or so to fix. But, now it’s working just fine. Stoopid /etc/httpd/config.d directory! It’s the main thing that was missing from my Apache.

That brings me to my graveyard. It is now 5:00 am and I have had a whopping 7 customer contacts. Granted, this is more than I usually have during a graveyard shift (which also means that I didn’t get to watch An Evening With Kevin Smith – Silent Bob Speaks), but it’s still a small number compared to a usual day at work. I was really looking forward to watching that DVD because I have heard some good things about it. Three more hours and I get to sleep for the first time since 9:00 am yesterday.

Ryan, Neil, Michael and I went to see The Life of David Gayle last night. If you are a Kevin Spacey fan, I highly recommend going to see this movie. It was freakin’ awesome! Even if you aren’t a Kevin Spacey fan, you will be quite captivated by this film. It will blow your mind. On our way out of the movie, the roads were so slippery that my beast of a car was having a hard time in places; although, the snow did make for a pretty drive back to the house. (I said I wasn’t going to complain about the weather anymore, so I had to create some goodwill with the sentence;) ).

Today, I had to play at the women’s basketball game. No, I wasn’t playing basketball, I was playing trumpet. I’m so glad that this was my last women’s game to play at. I really didn’t want to take three hours out of my afternoon to play at the game. I could have been doing math homework and finishing my laundry so that it wouldn’t still be in the dryer as I sit here and type. /*random sidenote*/ I did 5 loads of laundry today! FIVE!! Two of which were my sheets since I hadn’t washed them since before winter break… /*end random sidenote*/

I’m sure you all are getting tired of reading this, so I’m going to leave you with one final idea.


She did not deserve as many awards as she won last night on the Grammies.

Quote of the day “It’s like when you wave a leash in front of a dog who really wants to go on a walk.” — balsman

Mac fund — $121.64 no change since last time I posted.

peace yo


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