Spring Break Pics are Posted!

Wow! What a beautiful day down here in Bloomington! Sixty-one degrees outside, high scheduled for sixty-eight with THUNDERSTORMS! YAY! I’m so excited!

I’ve got nothing important to post about today. Check out the Link Below for the daily update.

I posted the spring break pictures in my Photoblog. Hope you enjoy them.

As always, if you want a high resolution copy of a picture, e-mail me the URL as it appears in the address bar and I will e-mail you the pic.

I’ll update the LJ sometime today or tomorrow. I’ve learned some new tricks, so I’ll be using it a little more often.

As for now…

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayThe Open Road Song – Eve6

Hero of the Day – Erin, for keeping me awake on the drive home as well as just generally making me happy 🙂

Dumbass Moment of the Day – Watching the Jehova’s Witnesses walk around the Information Commons talking to people trying to study about their religion… Why can’t they just leave people alone? They knock on my door, try to convince me that their way is the only way… What happened to the protection of my right to practice religion as I please? Maybe I’m over-reacting, but maybe I’m really not.

Quote of the Day – “It’s the kind of training that makes us all want to quit our jobs.” — Scott when talking about the PeopleSoft/SIS/HMRS training that I had to sit through today.

Current Mood – Happy

Until the next post…

The Daily Update

Well, a lot has happened in the last couple days. I’ve discovered that no matter the cirumstances, the people you are with determine how good of a time you will have.

That being said, since I got home from spring break, things have only gotten better. John erin and I have been playing in the woods geocaching everywhere. Definitely the most fun I’ve had in a long time. When we were in Yellowwood, I got my truck stuck, so if you want to know more about that, ask me over IM.

We went to the Zoo yesterday to, among other things, have one of our travel bug’s pictures taken with the Kangaroos at the Zoo. The lion was in quite a foul mood. He kept walking around the pen barking at the people standing around. When he’d had enough, he would back himself up to the gate, and pee on everyone standing around the cage. It was hilarious.

Last night, we went to a geocache in the middle of a development area in indianapolis. It was a virtual cache, a graveyard. It was really cool. The graveyard is called West Cemerary (87), just outside Castelton. I’m definitely going to go out there sometime when it’s light outside to take some pictures.

Today, I had to go to work, that’s about it.

I’ll get you all updated later about other things. I gotta run off to Erin’s now, so I’ll post later.

3 thoughts on “Spring Break Pics are Posted!

  1. Hokay, so… we had this girl in my middle school choir who was a Jehovah’s Witness… and she couldn’t sing anything religious-related (a.k.a. Christmas) or patriotic songs (you know… like all the “we love you America” songs we sing in Middle School), so her being in choir was pretty pointless.

    I guess so was that story. I found five dollars. Does that make it better?

  2. oooh, i can geocache now too!
    boyscoutjessi’s the name…

    aye… i didn’t have anything else to comment about.

    take it easy tom 🙂

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