Spring Break Boredom Spring Break….mmmmm…..what

Spring Break Boredom

Spring Break….mmmmm…..what fun.

Let me recap all of my break so far.
Thursday – Classes, Basketball at Scotty’s
Friday – Work, Lunch with Karly, Disc Golf, Basketball at The City Grille
Saturday – Work, Basketball with Tony, Ryan and Neil
Today – Take Ryan Neil and Jess to the Airport, Work…so far

My last week has been freakin awesome. Everything is going well in my life. I can’t complain about anything really. Kirstee and I had a fight online at the end of the week prior, but we made up and are back on speaking terms now. Classes are going well and I had no major assignments due. Work has been great. The weather is now freakin awesome! I’m done with my things are good rant.

So, Friday at Disc Golf, I shot a 0 and Ryan and Neil both shot a +6. I would have shot a +2 had I not got a hole-in-one on hole 11. We played at Karst Farm Park, which has a decent disc golf course. Hole 11 is the whole where the basket is nested inside a circle of trees. I was very surprised when I heard the disc clang into the basket. I had attempted the shot once and taken a mulligan because my disc landed almost at hole 10’s tee. The second shot was right on though.

Anyway, I’m at work right now, so I will probably edit this post when I come up with something else to write.

Quote of the day “I’m eating breakfast” –Jess while eating a couple Tic-Tacs in my car on the way to the airport.

Mac fund $293.58
this follows my paycheck

peace out yo