So I haven’t posted since

So I haven’t posted since Thanksgiving Break. Here is a little something for ya.

My Thanksgiving went well. Got to see the family and such, but now I’m back to classes and the usual grind.

My alarm clock has been acting strange lately. It didn’t go off Monday – Wednesday mornings (so I missed Dr Dre’s class Mon & Wed) but it went off this morning…..I don’t understand it. Maybe it’s sick and tired of me beating the crap out of it when it goes off in the morning and is going on strike because of it…

If you’re not in Bloomington…we have about 5 inches of snow on the ground! WAHOO!!! I’m happy. Snow makes me smile until I have to drive in it. I’m afraid to drive right now because I’m afraid of all the people from out-of-state-somewhere-warm who don’t know how to drive on roads that are snowed over and hard to navigate. I don’t worry too much about me; however, my car has been acting up lately. It doesn’t like it’s power steering… I should have that looked at.

This is a busy week for me. Monday was the Hundred banquet, Tuesday was IU vs MD (GO HOOSIERS!! WAHOOO). Last night I worked. Tonight, I have class, and a group meeting. Friday night is the Kappa Kappa Psi/Tau Beta Sigma banquet. And Saturday, I am heading up to Butler to hang out with the brothers of the Alpha Beta chapter of Psi. Fun filled week for me….let me tell you, I’m excited……

Anyway, Time to start getting ready to leave work. I work two 8 a.m. shifts now….on Tuesday and Thursday. Both till 10:00. woo for money 🙂

Quote of the day “I have my pager, but Jacob took the battery out of it.” — Tracie Grier, Sitechk for the STC Consultants.

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