What an amazing weekend!

Not only did I get to travel to Los Angeles, but I got to see the IU Men’s Soccer team take home their seventh NCAA Championship — their second straight, third time back-to-back. The two games I saw this weekend were the best games of soccer that I have ever seen, hands down.

If you want to read about the games, go here for IU vs. Maryland and here for IU vs. UCSB.

I’m not going to talk about the games here, but I am going to talk about what I spent my time doing in Los Angeles.

First of all, our hotel was in Long Beach, CA, right outside Los Angeles. If you went to the top floor of the hotel and looked south, you could see the Pacific Ocean. It was beautiful.

The weekend started with an excursion around the streets of Long Beach at 11:00pm Long Beach time (2:00am Indiana time) looking for food. None of the restaurants in the area of our hotel were open after 10 or so. We got word of a 24-hour joint at Second and Ocean. We walked north until we found First St. and thought, “Second Street must be close” and kept walking.

The next street we came to was Broadway followed by Third. Clearly there was no Second Street in that sequence, so we searched for Ocean Blvd., found it and started walking east to see if Second Street connected to Ocean at another location.

After walking for what seemed like forever, we found a gas station. I asked the scratchy-voiced clerk if he knew where Second and Ocean was. He gave me directions and told me that we couldn’t walk there.

It was a good thing we found the station because that’s where dinner came from the first night. All because will wouldn’t let us buy some Subway at the airport before getting on the bus.

Hey Will!
It’s all your fault… It’s all your fault… It’s all your fault… It’s all your fault…

Back to the wrap up…

The game vs. Maryland was a nail-biter. We scored the winning goal at the 48-second mark of the second over time.

After the game, we ended up eating at the Rock Bottom Brewery just north of our hotel on Pine St. It was good food, as all of the RBBs are that I’ve ever been to. There were also a lot of Maryland fans there; I was proud to be wearing an Indiana Soccer shirt.

Saturday, we spent the day lounging in the pool. We ate lunch at a great sports bar called Smooth’s Sports Grille to watch IU Basketball get pounded by Kentucky. The owner, John Morris, chatted with us for quite a while about things we should do for the rest of the day. The only suggestion of his we took was to go to Belmont Beach to see the Boat Parade. It was really cool.

That night, we celebrated our victory and slept in preparation for the next IU victory.

Sunday’s game was difficult from a fan’s point of view. The UCSB fans were horrible sports about everything. They out numbered us 10 to 1 and were loud and annoying. But they shut up pretty quickly when Jay Nolley blocked the last penalty kick attempt for UCSB, securing the title for IU.

Then we went back to the hotel, ate dinner, and then caught a flight to get back to Indiana. That’s the whole story of my trip. It was the best way to spend three days before finals, nice and relaxing.

Now it’s time to buckle down and study for finals…

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DaySlither – Velvet Revolver

Heroes of the Trip – The IU Alumni Association, Jerry Yeagley, the Colonel, the Department of Bands, and the IU Athletic Department for paying our way to LA.

Quotes of the Trip

(during our pre-trip briefing)
Will: If I catch you doing something you shouldn’t…
John: Like hookers?

Will: Congratulations to the NCAA Soccer Committee for being the most disorganized POS I’ve ever seen.

(after talking to some Korean woman looking for a certain store)
Ben: We exchanged hello several times and I thanked her and hung up. I thought about telling her I loved her.

(in a drunken stupor talking about our bus driver)
Dave: We’ve got Fred the f*$#ing engineer!

(on the bus after the UCSB game)
Will: There was only one cheer that I had to stop…
Crabb Band: UC :clap: :clap: Sucks Balls :clap: :clap:

Current Mood – A little stressed about my Spanish final tomorrow.

Until the next post…

13 thoughts on “Seven!

  1. That UCSB game scared the hell out of me. The second half was all UCSB… once they scored the tying goal i was worried! I think the announcers said they had 9 corners to our 1 in the second half? LOL

    Also… i can’t be too upset at the UCSB fans… after this win we are to Soccer as Duke is to NCAA Basketball! They Indy Star has this in an article: “The Hoosiers have reached the final four in seven of eight years, winning four titles in the past seven years.” Now THAT is domination!

  2. Yay! Great quotes Tom!! Except you forgot the one about Steve’s butt being like a hamburger… πŸ˜›

  3. Heck yes it is! I just hope that they win another championship next year too. The games are in North Carolina next year, it’s going to be worth the drive.

  4. Oh well.

    At least we got to make fun of the one for being drunk, irrational, and scantily clad. That was pretty funny. πŸ˜€

  5. glad you had agreat time!!! i was cheering on indiana. isn’t the ocean one of the most beautiful places? it’s my favorite.

  6. Yes…I know about the food on Thursday and all I have to say is…

    “It’s all my fault!!”;-)

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