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Hey all, just a few quick things.

  1. XHTML — My blog is finally compliant with the W3C’s XHTML 1.0 Transitional specification. It took me an hour and a half today to get that taken care of. Most of my errors were burried in dynamically generated portions of the site. That meant I had to dig through thousands of lines of PHP to find them… literally.
  2. Spotlight – I added an AJAX implementation of Apple’s Spotlight search to my page. It’s at the top of my sidebar right next to the blue magnifying glass icon. Just start typing and it will search my blog for the entries that match the words you type.
  3. Buttons — I made some image buttons that you all are free to download and use. I just ask that you don’t deep link to them because that’s not cool.
  4. And lastly, I’m not going to re-design this site over break, just fix some of the things that are broken with this one.

And also, the bus driver on my way home from campus today kept farting making the bus smell like a toilet.

Keep reading, there are two posts for today!

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