Ruminating Update

Well, today marks day two of me being on a full dose of my medication. I have been able to concentrate a little better on tasks, but my thoughts still wander pretty regularly. I’m not experiencing any major side effects, just a minor one — dry mouth. It’s been difficult to keep my mouth from being dry. I’ve been carrying with me my “monster” full of water, drinking like a fish (but fish really don’t drink the water that often… do they?). I’m still not sure what I think about being medicated. It’s great to be able to concentrate, but I have the strange suspicion that it might have a negative effect on my personality. If that is the case, I will stop taking the pills; it’s not worth changing who I am to help myself concentrate just a little bit more.

In other news, John and Murph came down to Bloomington to hang out with Tim, Erin and me last weekend. It was good times. They somehow angered our neighbors in #5, and they almost picked a fight with Murph before they came inside to bother me. John ended up hugging the toilet most of the night, blaming his illness on a gas station burrito that he had eaten earlier in the day.

Good times were had by all.

I’m running short on time so I’m going to have to end this now. I’ll update again, probably tomorrow.


The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayConstellations – Jack Johnson

Villian of the Day – The Big Ten Tournament Committee for making stupid, stupid rules.

Quote of the Day – “Enterprise, you’ll have to rent a car to go pick yours up.” – Chris when talking about the towing situation at our apartment complex.

Current Mood – Excited about going to dinner with Erin 🙂

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