Today while I was stumbling around the web, I made a slight change to the banner image on the top of this site. I was reading an article that was describing the meaning of some Chinese characters and identified with them.


The symbol I found intriguing was Yi. When it is used by itself, it can mean righteousness, justice or self sacrifice. It is one of the long standing Four Ethical Principles: li (propriety), yi (righteousness), lian (integrity/purity) and chi (shamefulness). It also has a stronger, deeper meaning: the code of brotherhood, i.e. personal loyalty. When used in the right context, it is the thing that causes a man to make a great sacrifice for a friend; a sacrifice that involves personal injury or hardship.

I like to think that I make these same sacrifices for my friends and I try to live my life by the “codes of brotherhood” that I have sworn to uphold and cherish. With that in mind, I modified the symbol for yi a bit by adding the symbol for qi:

yi qi

When these two symbols combine, the translation is roughly “personal loyalty”. I feel very strongly that we all must strive to be loyal to ourselves first, friends and family second, and everything else after that. Everyday, I work toward this ideal in the hopes that some day, it will make me a better person.

So, how was my weekend you may ask? It was freakin’ awesome. Erin and I ended up not going to Beerfest on Thursday; instead we went to Big Red, bought our own Beerfest and came back and drank it with Tim, Will, Schuyler and I think that was it. If I left you out, I’m sorry. I was really drunk that night.

Friday night, Erin, Carrie and I went to the Bluebird to see 40% Steve, who is actually now only 20% Steve, but that doesn’t matter. The band is better than they were a couple years ago when I first saw them. The lead guitarist is a kid from my high school — Adam Scarzo. He’s freakin’ amazing, and he’s not the same scrawny little Adam I remember from High School.

Anyway, IU got their butts handed to them on Saturday at the football game, but that didn’t matter. That night, we decided to have some people over to our house, not as planned. We were going to go see Mike and Joe, but decided that two nights in a row at the bar would be excessive. Jeremy Brown was down in B’ton and he came over. I also got to take apart an iBook to dry out a coffee spill. I was unsuccessful with getting it back up and running for James though. He’s going to have to have it worked on for something like $700. I guess it’s better to try to solve the problem for free than to have him take it to an expert and them tell him that all he had to do was something I could’ve done.

We had a few people over at our place and people kept coming and coming. There was hookah, beer, alcohol, cornbread, etc. It was a good time. We had probably 15-18 people in our living room at its peak. People finally trickled out of the house around 3:00am. I couldn’t sleep right away, so I played some Halo until around 4:00 then went to bed.

Sunday was the PM Pumpkin Carving which was good fun. The rest of the day, I was in some strange melancholy mood. Possibly a prediction about the mood I would be in Monday night. I went to work, did my auditor thing for four hours, almost had a group buy me beer for fixing the network connection on their station, about threw the plotters out the window, you know… that old chestnut.

Monday was a decent day, although long. I missed my fourth class of the semester because I opted out of Accounting for Sleep N455, Professional Napping. Went to the psi meeting, proceeded to get pissed off at a few people, came home, drank a beer, bitched with Tim and Will, then went to bed.

I’ve been in the strangest mood today. I’ve been all loopy and crazy, while at the same time all pissed off and angry about last night. It’s a strange sensation, but whatever.

Ok, enough about that. I mainly wanted to update and explain the new faded symbols in the banner and I ended up writing about my whole weekend.

This weekend, I would like to go camping. Possibly somewhere like Red River Gorge, KY or Garden of the Gods IL. I just need to get out of Bloomington and go somewhere relaxing, especially after this week. If you’re interested, let me know. You’ll have to have access to your own gear since I don’t have enough cold weather gear to supply an entire expedition. It’s expensive, and I would rather spend money on technology ;).

I’m outta here!


The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayPolitik – Coldplay

Quote of the Day – “You know, I feel like I’m going to regret this. But I feel even more that I just don’t care and that watching this whole thing unravel might be kinda interesting.” — Church, RvB Episode #64

Today’s Moment of Bliss – Watching some asian students blabbable in some asian language about where they had to go next to drop classes. This was at 3:30 and the cutoff was 4:00. There were six of them, standing in front of a lecture hall freaking out.

Villain of the Day – I better not say.

Current MoodDisappointedGiddy – Disappointed and Giddy all at the same time… What a freakin’ strange mood.

Until the next post…

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  1. Well, I forgot that Erin has to work on Saturday, so we’re only going to Brown Co.

    I know… call me a loser/poser/whatever… I really don’t care, I just need to get out of Bloomington.

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