Riding the Rollercoaster of Life

There’s been a lot happening in my life lately. Most of you know about it, and for those of you who do, I want you to know that I’m not complaining about any of it.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about a lot of random stuff lately. Most of said thinking has resulted in conclusions that, to most people, would seem obvious, but to me were obscured by my prejudices. Not prejudices in the racial or sexual sense, but more in the pre-formed thoughts sense.

That being said, here’s the major conclusion that I’ve come to. Brace yourselves, this may sound a bit profound to all of you…
I have done a lot of growing up in the last six months. Probably moreso than in the past two years combined. I have discovered that a lot of my growing up comes as a result of posting in this blog quite regularly. I’ve determined that my ability to form my own opinions and to defend those opinions is one of my personality traits that I value the most. I wouldn’t give that up for anything.

Another thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is how funny humans actually are. Namely the way we associate emotions with things. I was going to post an entry Friday about this, but I determined that it wasn’t enough for a complete post. Humans do attach certain feelings to nouns. I’m talking nouns in the database diagramming sense, strict people, places and things. I, for instance, attach the feelings associated with summer to the System of a Down album Steal This Album and Eve6 – Eve6. These albums were the “soundtrack of the summer” for me this summer just ended. Every time I hear them, they make me think of driving down the road to my summer home, climbing around on the tower, hanging from the COPE course, early morning ski trips, the smell of Ransburg early in the morning, and late at night. ::sigh:: Oh how I cannot wait for those times to be here.

I’m interested to know what you guys think about this and what emotions you attach to what things. i.e. a bottle of Corona signifies summer times, when everything seems better.

There’s actually been a lot more on my mind, but in the interest of keeping this entry relatively short, I must draw it to an end.

I was reluctant to post tonight because I liked the discussion that was happening on my last post. I’m glad that you folks in high school are starting to form your own opinions about things. It’s a skill necessary to being in college and growing up. Those of you not in high school, well, you’ve already developed that skill.

Comments on it will probably be closed soon.

Here it is, the long awaited…
End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayI Believe – Blessed Union of Souls
I’ve just had the type of weekend that makes me believe.

Quote of the Day – “I’ve forgotten how to chimney!” – Me while struggling to get my bearings in a chimney at the gym.

Hero of the Day – Will and DJ are co-heroes of the day. Two of the coolest campers to take climbing this summer and I saw them at the Women’s Basketball game today. I so can’t wait until the summer!

Darwin Award for the Week of February 22, 2004
This poor chap was a little confused. I was at Wal-Mart last Monday with Erin. I had to buy some essentials and get a new pot and soil for my always-growing tree. I was in the potting soil section waiting on Erin to return with a cart when an employee named Josh comes up to me and says, “I need to borrow the forklift to get the other one out of the mud.” To this I respond, “o… k…?” and he goes about his merry way, takes the stuff off of the lift, and proceeds out of the gate. Now this guy was slow and special, and I think that he thought I was a supervisor because of the blue jacket I was wearing.

So here’s to you Josh Wal-Mart-Employee, you have won this week’s Darwin Award.

Beatles Trivia, Question 5
But first, here is the answer to question 4.

  1. Please Please Me was recorded in one day, besides the tracks that were already on a single (Love Me Do and P.S. I Love You, Please, Please Me and Ask Me Why).
  2. The tracks were recorded as follows, number of takes in parenthesis:

    1. There’s A Place (10)
    2. I Saw Her Standing There (9)
    3. afternoon

    4. A Taste of Honey (5)
    5. Do You Want to Know a Secret (8)
    6. A Taste of Honey (revisited – 2)
    7. There’s a Place (revisited – 3)
    8. I Saw Her Standing There (revisited – 4)
    9. Misery (11)
    10. evening

    11. Hold Me Tight (13)
    12. Anna (Go to Him) (3)
    13. Boys (1)
    14. Chains (4)
    15. Baby, It’s You (3)
    16. Twist and Shout (2)
  3. John Lennon was losing his voice during Twist and Shout
  4. BONUS QUESTION: – Boys was the only one take recording on this album.

Today’s Question:
Ok, this one is really easy, since a lot of you didn’t know the answer to the last question. Sticking with the Please Please Me album, who was the lead singer on each track? That’s all 1 pt. each correct response. e-mail responses to beatles@tlmason.com.

Current Mood – Groggy


The Weekend Update

Since Thursday, I have been riding a rollercoaster. Friday during the day, I was in the best mood, I got so much stuff done including a haircut, running of errands, etc. Friday afternoon, we met as a group for our spring break trip to the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia. We’ve decided that we’re going to hike four days in the Dolly Sodds Wilderness. It’s going to be amazingly fun.

After my meeting, John and I went climbing. I proceeded to kill my arms quite quickly because I went “balls to the wall”. I attempted and climbed many 5.10c+ walls. I was proud of myself for doing so well. Friday night, nothing much. The roomates played Catch Phrase while I slept.

Saturday morning, I had to get up, go to work at 8 until 12. Afterward, Me Michael and Erin went on an excursion to Bryan Park, where the Great Nathan was rumored to be. We played some frisbee and the like. You guys from camp will never guess who I saw while I was there…

ROBBIE! Yes, Robbie came up to me at the park and said hey. We chatted for a bit, he’s been working consturction, so he’s not been out the climbing gym much. He also broke his toe, like mojo. Robbie was trying to show somebody some gymnast thing and got his toe caught on the carpet and snapped it completely backwards. If you want the chance to run into him, he and Megan are heading down to the Red River Gorge this weekend to climb. This weekend signifies the opening of the climbing season!

Sat evening, we had a get together of sorts at our house. It was good times as usual. I took a trip down the street to Adam and Andrew’s place to say hey. I got to see Mark Johnson, Daimen Gilbert (who had just returned from Iraq) among others. Those were definitely the highlights of the trip down to the other party house. Erin and I got there just as someone sprayed a fire extinguisher all over Nathan’s bedroom.

After the get together, some things happened that were bad, and I will not talk aabout them here.

Sunday morning, woke up, everything was a million times better than the night before, besides my pounding headache. I went to the Women’s Basketball game and I saw Will and DJ! Two of the coolest campers in my climbing classes last summer. The one week that I worked at the tower was the week they were there. That definitely made my weekend.

Then I came home and had to start the homework… and then sleep. I woke up to go to the graveyard shift and was in a mood. I ate my dinner, then headed out to work and that’s where I am now. I’m in a much better mood now than I was at the begining of my shift.

That’s all I got. Holla in da Comments!

18 thoughts on “Riding the Rollercoaster of Life

  1. thanks to you, i associate “no rain” with summer. every single time i hear it, i think of camp. i don’t even know if you played it that often, but during my first summer it was often enough to stick out in my mind.

  2. That’s one song that I often just associate with being with friends, and having a good time. It was one of the “soundtrack songs” throughout high school for me. I always seemed to hear it when I was chillin with friends, and when I heard it, I wanted to call up some friends and hang out.

  3. “no rain”, “suite judy blue eyes”, “our house”(holla johrdan!!), and “Drum Trip”, “Ecstasy”, “send me on my way”, the first three tracks from Rusted Root’s “when i woke” album. everytime i hear ANY of those, i am either back in the room or in the firering. oh, and “the sun is a mass of incandescent gas”.

  4. Yeah any song ever played at the closing campfire reminds me of camp, that’s why I list them in a seperate playlist, so when I feel down i listen to those songs. Also any Dispatch song now reminds me of the days of living in Ware apartment with some great roomates (especially mojo)

  5. no music reminds me of camp but i do have the camp picture hanging right by my head in my dorm room and it just reminds me of camp all the time. I also have the fan that I always have on at camp and it just reminds me of the familiar sounds of camp. I miss it and now I am starting to understand what you guys go through every year. Every year I would miss the staff but not just the camp in general now I miss everything. Spring break is this week for me though so I get to be at camp for a week oh home sweet home.

  6. Many of my camp songs are the same as James’. No Rain, Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, Our House, and of course TransAm (Johrdan).

    The song that I have associated with the summer longest though is Here’s to the Night, by Eve 6.

  7. oh, and mojo sitting in the big common room in Rapp with his guitar while its raining outside serenading us all with “knock knock knockin’ on heavens do-oor” with his goofyass voice.

  8. Upon further reflection… that penguin on the left has man-boobs… and they frighten me.

  9. I have no clue why, but every time I hear ‘clocks’ by coldplay I remember friday night campfires. 🙂

  10. Yeah… every time I embrace Tom, I by connection embrace the man-boob. It’s not necessarily the best thing, but it’ll have to do.

    I think I *might* get killed for that.

  11. Dude, I wasn’t talking about *touching* them. I was talking about hugging Tom. Jeesh, man. You’re crazy.

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