RE: We need to talk…

Steph, since you aren’t able to stay online long enough to have any sort of conversation, here’s what’s up.

I’m not pissed about your comment, I’m over that, I have been since I figured out it was you. I thought it was you as soon as I read the e-mail and saw the sub-domain name.

What I’m pissed about is that you don’t have the balls to attach your name to your opinions. To me, and most respectable people, that is unacceptable. You disserve every bit of ridicule that you’ve received about that. You probably disserve more, but this is not the place or time.

I’m also pissed that you chose to pose as a good friend of mine. That pisses me off more than anything else that you’ve done, and I won’t tolerate it on my site. You can disagree with my opinions, post your own in the comment box all you want, but as soon as you pose as someone else, or comment anonymously, you will recieve what you disserve. For these reasons, your name and e-mail address have been edited into your comment on the post Age check!.

Before you open your mouth next time, I encourage you to ask yourself Do I believe strongly enough in this to post it as myself? and Do I have the will to defend what I say against the scrutiny that is sure to come from making my opinions known in a public forum?

If either of those questions is answered with a no, then you should not even post your idea, it’s not worth anybody’s time. This is why, long ago, I made it known that if you comment anonymously, you will become the subject of discussion.

As for the IP address, it stays. Nobody can cause your computer any harm by it being made known to the public as long as you have done what you need to to keep it secure (i.e. latest windows updates installed, latest virus definitions installed, realtime virus protection). Shit, you broadcast it every time you hit a website, send an e-mail, make a comment on a message board, etc. whether you know it or not. If anyone tries to do anything to your machine, I will pursue them with the same vigor that I pursued you.

Since you have made an attempt to contact me, no matter how feeble, I have given you and your whole sorority house the ability to comment on my blog again, now that you understand the rules.

As for the rest of you, the same rules apply. All I ask is that if you have an opinion about what I write, say or do, you stand up for what you believe. You defend your posts and your opinions against scrutiny by others with real, hard evidence and backing. That is all. In reality it is a pretty simple request; stand up for what you believe, defend your beliefs.

And above all, talk to me. If you don’t have the balls to talk to me, then what you think does not matter. Plain and simple.

Current Mood – Still laughing at stupid people, there are too many of them in this world. They make my day every day.

13 thoughts on “RE: We need to talk…

  1. Tom you are such a worthless tool! Why do you always have to be so dumb? Worthless, worthless, worthless.


    Joe Mamma

  2. Steph … if you read this … which I’m sure you will … I’ll be home on Sunday and after you talk w/Tom … I’m thinking we should talk.

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