I thought I would take some time to write before taking off before Thanksgiving with Erin.

First of all, I’m really enjoying my job thus far. It’s been two weeks and things are going well. I got my new machine on Monday complete with the gold-code versions of Windows Vista Enterprise Edition and Office 2007 Professional. It’s exciting. So far, I like Vista, although it’s got a lot of features in common with the Mac OS, but you can’t blame Microsoft for not changing their ways. I’ve also included a photo of my cube so you all can see what it looks like where I work.

My Cube

Yes, those five screens are hooked up to three computers. The two on the left are on my STC build machine, the next two my Vista machine and the last one on my XP machine. I’m the unofficial resource in the office when it comes to Vista and Office 2007 since I’m the only one with the software on my machines. I also have a Mac in my cube that I can do whatever I would like with. I’ll probably put tiger on it and just tinker with it now and then. But yea, that’s my cube. You can’t see the whole thing because I couldn’t get the picture to take if you could, but that’s most of it.

I’m excited for tomorrow!!

Erin and I head up to St. Charles for the rest of the week tomorrow at noon. I’m spending Thanksgiving with her and her family this year. I’m excited and a little intimidated at the same time. So yea, there’s that.

My new workout regimen will start after Thanksgiving. Every Tuesday and Thursday after work, I’ll be heading to the clubhouse to swim my ass off. Friday I will be hitting up the climbing gym and one of the weekend days (probably Sunday) I will spend some time doing a workout on my hang board, which isn’t hung yet, but it will be by next week. It’s not much but it’ll keep me active and keep me from gaining any weight along with the other appealing benefits.

BTW — I love the spell checker built into Firefox 2.0 🙂 And IE 7 sux.

That is all!

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Until the next post…

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  1. Aah, the beauty of firefox. Where is your job, is it in bloomington? Oh, and that’s pretty pimpin to have 5 monitors and a laptop

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