Post Thanksgiving Shopping Madness!

I will never again go out and shop on the day after Thanksgiving, no matter who it is with nor how crazy the sales are. It’s not worth it.

Biggest Shopping Day of the Year… HA I am from now on labeling this day “Infusion of Idiots into Shopping Establishments”

I think the average IQ of people in the malls today was 50 to 100 points lower than normal.

I’m done, I’m getting more agitated the more I write…

11 thoughts on “Post Thanksgiving Shopping Madness!

  1. hey tom!!! Chris asked me to send you a little message. he just left for boot camp last night. he was sent to california. he will be back february 25 or 26. he wanted me to let you know that he will be thinking about you and the rest of the ransburg staff. he also asked to ask you where his book is at? you remember, the end of year present you said would be sent to him?? anyways if anyone wants his address they can e-mail me for it. or if they just want have me pass on a message for him i will. i will be writting to him once a week. thanks tom!!!

  2. I didn’t get to go shopping after Thanksgiving this year but my daddy went out shopping, isn’t it ironic that my father would go out shopping when he doesn’t even like shopping. People can be crazy!

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